3 comments on “Miss Universe 2012: Five Video Interviews I Didn’t Mind Watching More Than Once

  1. Norman — It’s interesting to note the diversity of opinions concerning the candidates’ video interviews. My personal favorite was Miss Malaysia. And although I generally liked Miss Sri Lanka’s interview and found it to be very thoughtful and articulate, I felt it was also a bit rehearsed. But then again, it’s only my personal opinion. As for Janine’s interview, my only suggestion to her is to perhaps put some conscious effort to talk a little slower so she can more clearly form her thoughts and enunciate her words clearer (there’s really no need to rush, right?). Aside from that constructive criticism, Janine did very well, IMO.

  2. I like your choices as well! But I would probably put Ms South Africa in the top 5. I thought i was being biased when i included Janine in my top 10 for the best video interviews… but I was proven wrong when I saw globalbeauties ranked her 2nd.

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