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  1. somebody needs to remind our bet that she’s up against 88 other girls. It’s the survival of the fittest and she can’t afford to be just average or just ok because she would most likely end up being among the forgettables. I tried to look at all the interview clips objectively and even if Janine answered in tagalog, her interview would still came out as mediocre. the lack of substance in her answers is very evident. her handlers must’ve overlook this handicap of hers during her training. and what’s with the leopard print dress? that belongs to the dump. It is apalling that she has to make do with the hand me downs and rags again just like her predecessors.

  2. Speak to express not to impress

    Our problem is we want our girls to spew out
    impressive sounding words when they can just express
    themselves using simple conversational English .

    Oh, I almost forgot. We also have a tendency to be
    impressed with obviously rehearsed answers
    and would be overjoyed if our girls also
    add some irrelevant motherhood

    From the interview, Janine impressed me with her
    candor, charm and coyness. Traits that are quite
    a refreshing and therefore pleasant change
    for most of those US- bred judges

  3. here are some reasons why we respectfully differ:
    – the Q&A portion is the clincher round, and this has always made winners and losers of the most beautiful and poised candidates
    – 8 months of training is by far one of the longest preparations we’ve had for a candidate
    – the Philippines is known as an English-speaking country
    – judges know and can easily sense if a candidate is trying too hard, and going nowhere at that
    – it isn’t her grammar or her pronunciation per se, it’s her thought process and how her ideas come out which makes people uneasy. In other words, she lacks that ease and composure other Filipina candidates had.
    – we’re not blaming her or putting her down; we know she is trying her best! 😀
    – it’s BPCI and her mentors who did not prepare her well enough for the pageant.

  4. I find Janine’s interview as pleasant. She answered it sincerely. With several different languages in the competition, diction, pronunciation and accent will not be the main consideration. Do people expect her answer to be on world peace, hunger, poverty? The most important aspect in answering questions is to speak from the heart and confidently articulate it to leave a mark on whoever hears the answer.

  5. kayo noh ang feeling feeling niong mga bakla kayo !!! puna dito puna dun, as if ang galing galing nio !Di nio ba alam na marami ang humanga dito sa video nyang to, lalo na ung mga english speaking foreigners kc daw she was really true to herself and very spontaneous mag salita ! at yong nakikinig o nanonood nadadala at napapa smile pa ! Kayo palibhasang mga bakla kayo, puro maling intonation, maling english o accent and napapansin kasi mga feelengerang kabayo kayo galing ng mga ka cheapang call centers na yan !!! Gosh !!! Tindera lang naman kayo online no hello !!!! !st runner up yang si Ms Philippines or Mis Universe 2012 noh !!!! Mga baklang uhugin na to !!! ttsseeeee !!!!

    LUv U Kuya Norman !

  6. It seems Janine is starting to fizzle in Sin City just when the going gets tougher nearing the finish line. Just talked to a friend of mine who works with Planet Hollywood Hotel/Casino. She said that among the Asian delegates this year, it is Miss Malaysia who is being raved about these past few days. She has been scheduled in most of the photo shoots/ VTR shoots that are to be shown during final night. Malaysia has also been on the upswing the last few days and was featured in one of the Las Vegas newspapers. Meantime, it seems some of this year’s candidates has been relegated to staying in their rooms and in the hotel, among them she said is Janine. While Miss Malaysia has been bust with photoshoots and media interviews, Janine’s last public /media appearance was when the delegates visited Bucca de Peppo Italian Restaurant four days ago. This was the visit where Janine failed to impress the media with her lack of oomph and vibrance in a photo/VTR shoot to promote said restaurant and which was shown on the official Miss Universe website.

    Janine needs to level up and make her crucial moves now to be back in the forfront. She need not be initimidated and pressured by the consistent (and now come from behind ) competitors like Malaysia who are starting to shine and be noticed. I hope her mentor, Jonas Gaffud who is now on his way to len his support to her in Las Vegas will be able to lift Janiane’s spirits up and put her back in the right track and limelight. Otherwise, her star will further fizzle. That we dont want to happen come preliminaries and finals.

    • i dont know about janine fizzling out of the competition. australian gold just hired her to be included in their photoshoots not to mention chi hair products. but i do agree with you janine can be more enthusiastic even just to fake it on cam!

      • oh yeah before i forget leila lopes during her time on the competition wasnt really favored to win by many of the contestants as she was lackluster not giving her all and fashion wise dressing not to impress but look she bagged the title!

      • Markish — You’re right. Leila Lopes wasn’t exactly the social butterfly last year. In fact, she was under the radar and was considered shy and reserved. She slowly came up from behind to the shock and amazement of the other candidates when she won the title. But then of course, Brazil as venue helped Leila’s cause. I’m hoping that that would be the case for Janine, with Las Vegas as venue.

  7. its not janine’s fault that her english is not that good, blame our educational system because in the philippines english in general is never taught to be spoken but it is taught to be written. that is why most filipinos seem to take time thinking of the right english word to say because we are trained to write it more than to speak it. if you want to speak like an american local then one has to stop focusing on the right grammar or if the subject agrees with verb etc. because english speaking countries never cares about it not unless they are going to write it! one just has to converse with someone who is fluent in english and be exposed on it at a young age, thus students in international schools or private schools for the rich where everyone speaks english at a young age are the ones that speak it fluently and comfortably. filipinos also have to change their attitude towards the english language that it is something that is difficult, not enjoyable and only for the rich and smart. this is the reason why people who poorly showcased their english speaking skills or lack thereof are frowned upon and laughed at.

  8. Janine Tugonon has a perfect English. She doesn’t need a translator. But given a chance…. to the top 5…. just like the suggestion of other fans, I would like her to use a translator this time….. FOR A CHANGE AND TO MAKE HISTORY as the very first Miss U-PH with an interpreter.

    • Koala-San: I agree. Using an interpreter is a STRATEGIC move. It buys the candidate more time to formulate her answer to the question. I mean, 7 of the last 10 winners have done it. And wouldn’t it be great to finally hear the Filipino language being spoken in a major international pageant that is being broadcast to over a billion viewers? Frankly, I think it’s about time that happened.

  9. sorry to differ Norman, but it’s the fault of her backers and her mentors 😀
    (just sayin’) 😀

  10. Blah blah blah! LOL…

    If ur on her shoe, dont know guys if you can handle the pressure! Haha!
    Dont judge her just based on this interview. It’s not all about interviews. It’s the whole package…You might score here as high as 100 but how about the other areas?! Well better check some other pageant sites like globalbeauties, well she placed high there based on her interviews!

    Keep inspiring her rather than putting her down.
    Esp when ur a Filipino… she’s wearing the Philippine sash.. whether you like it or not… you’re included there.

  11. hayaan mo ang mga thai,, anyway farida is not in fav list.. malaysia ang napapansin ngayon.. yung mga friends ko nasa vegas.. sabi nila malakas daw laban ni kimberly,, sa mga nagmamarunong sa accent ni janine.. narinig nyo ba ang sarili nyo english accent? kpag lumaki sa pinas.. yun talaga ang ang accent mo… ok lang english ni janine ang kulang sa kanya confident! yun ang wala sa kanya… napansin nyo yung mga guesting nia sa abs cbn show? diba nilamon sia ng host.. para sia nahihiya na ewan! yung mga sinasagot nia sa press kundi tagalog.. taglish,, tapos sobrang simple ng sagot..wala man lang palabok ekek… lalo ngayon nasa vegas na sia… sabi nga ng pinsan ko nasa vegas.. may laban daw ang beauty ni janine kaso nga lang daw parang nahihiya sa mga tao..

    • tama mas pansin si malaysia ngayon sa vegas though mas maganda si farida in her some photos, just what i expected hindi consistent un face niya unlike kimberley,, mas pansin lalo si malaysia this time bcoz she nailed the interview!, entertaining un approach ni kimberley ,, un kay janine oks lng naman wala naman problema. sana galingan nya nga lang sa prelim,, so far based sa catwalk ng mga asians philippines ang 1,, followed by india then indonesia, malaysia then thailand
      favorites ko ang czech rep., philippines, usa,thailand, at malaysia

  12. pag binasa nyo un comments sa youtube section makikita nyo na ang daming thai bashers ni janine! ,khit un ibang girls puro bash ng mga thais! mga inggitera! one of my faves ko pa namn si farida pero ngaun medyo naiinis ako sa kanya dhil sa mga thais! watch this tingnan nyo si farida watch?v=GdiGpABSUDY,, balita rin ngaun na ang mga thais ay gumagawa ng mga youtube at email acc. para makaboto at para dumami watch nung video ni farida sila rin un nagdidislike nung kay janine!

  13. Being articulate and confident when you answer a question is a plus factor…it will definitely leave a lasting impression to everyone and eyes will be focused on you..i would say, Janine’s beauty is truly filipina and i agree on someones comment about her walk department and her photoshoots are both superb.. But still, comparing to other candidates, they have an edge..im not saying she doesnt have it but she should give her all..101% if possible.

    I also agree to another comment that she’s kinda intimidated with oher beauties…come on girl, your beauty can definitely stand out if you hold on to the saying “if others can, why cant i?”

    Take these comments in a positive way, whether they are negative… Use it to your advantage in capturing the hearts of everyone. You may not win the title but you can definitely win someones heart..conquer your fears…step up… Have faith in yourself and pray hard… We might have said not so good words about your interview…its just an honest opinion from us…more than anything else, we are Filipinos and we will be cheering for you no matter what..win or lose, it wouldnt make you a lesser Filipino.

    mabuhay ka janine and mabuhay ang sambayanang Filipino!

  14. Oouch…. Such a snooze. Quite surprise how her thoughts were poorly delivered during this interview. Filipinoes are known to speak well……..what happened?????

  15. THE SUPERSTITION:Miss Philippines is the MU2012 or top 5 finalist.

    The QRST:

    Years ending with 2:
    1962-Argentina-Latin America
    1982-Canada-North America
    2002-Russia(dethroned)-W. Europe
    2012-Carribean or Asia-no strong candidates in carribean and philippines is the top contender in asia.

    Pacquiao-Marquez fight,Venue,MU
    2010:Venue-Las Vegas
    Pacquiao won,Marquez lost
    Ximena won,Raj runner up
    2012:Venue-Las Vegas
    Pacquiao lost,Marquez won
    Karina ?,Janine ?

      • Dada, are you referring to my analogy of skinning a cat to the subject matter? I just wanted to say that there are several ways of expressing one’s self in English, and all of them can achieve almost the same results, i.e, putting across the message. One can speak like a true eloquent declamator or a passable interviewee with spotty vocabulary or an articulate host on TV – all three types can still deliver clear answers for as long as the listeners are intent on understanding instead of being overtaken by grammatical rules or prejudice against people who speak English as a second language. 😉

  16. Norman, Had Janine responded to this interview in her native tongue, do you think it would have made a difference?

    • That might have incited more opposing views, Glenn. Despite the fact that she can do so, hissy comments will be flying all over the place, least of which is how can she be unable to answer in English to such simple questions. I know. I know. It wouldn’t be right to think that way. But there has to be a pageant re-education somewhere that speaking in one’s native tongue is the way to go if we want a truly articulate girl whose English is nowhere near fluid.

      • Norman — Point well taken. However, I still think “language” affects the thought process in a very profound way — how one forms ideas and how one elaborates concepts correlates directly with one’s language skills. No one doubts Janine’s ability to speak in English — that is self-evident. But I still believe that speaking your “mental language” (the language you think with) — or your native tongue — in verbal communication makes one more effective and articulate in speaking one’s thoughts without fear or the anxiety of making mistakes. I would call that state perfect poise. I bet you that any Latina who speaks English, if she makes it as a finalist, will opt for a Spanish interpreter for that very reason (just like Ximena Navarette in 2010). Poise always trumps English in MU, with no pun intended.

      • Agree, Glenn. If we, as Filipinos, can only get over the pride of being one of the largest English-speaking populations in the world (at least in pageants), then we might see a different (and a more engaging) side of our beauty queens’ personalities.

  17. The girl did her best in the most candid way possible. She was nervous, but who could resist her charm and pearly whites? As the cliche goes, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder though. In comparison to Venus and Shamcey, I find her interview video the most spontaneous and unforced. I like the way it came out even if clearly she had difficulty at first. You see, it’s not how technically proficient you can answer the question but it’s rather your personality that matters. To me, she came off as a fun-loving person and not stiff, unlike some people who are nit-picking on her and ruining what otherwise is an entertaining glimpse into her personal side.

  18. Funny, i’m not entirely a fan of Janine (or at least not yet), and having read all the comments here, I was convinced she did bad. But when I watched the video, to be honest, I think she did just fine. She spoke from the heart, I think that’s what’s important in interviews.

    However, I still think she lacks something. That je ne sais quois I was talking about earlier Norman, I think that’s not what’s been missing. From this interview, and based from the comments of people who have seen her in Vegas, I think she’s intimidated with the other contestants, and it’s f*cking with her brains, making her overthink, and less spontaneous. I think she compares herself too much with previous Phil delegates or perhaps with the other frontrunners of MU2012, and she feels very pressured to snag a top5 finish. Right now, she takes excellent photos and her pasarela is pretty decent. It’s frighteningly calculated. But on top of all of that, she should let her personality shine. It is the most important part of the formula. Shamcey and Venus endeared the crowd so well during their times because they never showed an ounce of doubt that they will win. 

    (sorry for overusing the word “think”, just want to emphasize that these are just my thoughts… hunches/analysis. i could be horribly wrong)

    And if any of my thoughts above are correct, I wanna tell Janine: Girl, umayos ka! Come out of your shell already. Wag ka papa-apekto sa mga negative comments sayo. Gamitin mo ang mga yun bilang inspirasyon para mas magperform ka pa sa competition. Magaling ang photos mo, may nabbuild up na na hype sayo. Take note sayo, hindi sa Pilipinas. Kaya retain mo lang yung momentum. Kelangan mo magtiwala sa sarili mo. Kaya ka napili dyan dahil naniwala ang mga tao sayo na ikaw ang pag-asa ng mga Pinoy na makasungkit ulit ng korona. Balikan mo yung moment na nagdesisyon ka na sumali ulit sa BBP, siguro naman hindi ka lang sumali para manalo locally. Alam kong gusto mo rin na ikaw ang pangatlong pinay na makakapagsuot ng koronang ito. Ngayon andyan ka na, itodo mo na. Wag na masyado isipin ang kalaban, lalo ka maddistract. Basta galingan mo lang pag nasa stage na. At pag wala naman, relax ka lang. Relax, Janine. Ipakita mo na karapat-dapat ka dyan. Andami-daming nagchi-cheer para sayo (kahit hindi pinoy). Andaming nag-ppromote sayo na iboto ka, andaming gumagawa ng kahit na anong uri ng publicity para mas umangat ka sa iba. Pero hanggang dun lang ang kaya namin. Ang laban ay nasa iyong mga kamay pa rin. Ikaw yung nandyan, grab mo na ang korona. Kabugin mo silang lahat! Para sa Pilipinas to! Hehehe

    Todo mo na. Eh ano kung may possibility na matalo, eh ano kung yung iba tingin mo mas maganda kesa sayo. Mas masarap magcompete na alam mong ibinigay mo ang lahat-lahat na kaya mo. Kesa sa magsisisi ka after nyan na hindi mo naibigay yung best mo. Ayun.

  19. Did she seem nervous? Yes.

    Did she give a straightforward, honest response?

    Did she come across as the best in the lot? Maybe not.

    But up until this point, she has surprised me with her determination and her focus; to be battle-ready once the actual judging comes along. I believe she’ll be the same my-eye-is-on-the-prize kind of girl when the preliminary competition actually begins.

    This is a 1-minute (give or take) clip, which by the way, means nothing in the actual competition. We have been witnesses to girls in the past who have aced this part of the competition and, come finals night, were left out of the semis. So based on what I’ve seen before, this is not the end-all-be-all of the entire pageant.

    I just hope that Janine gets to see this video, evaluate herself, see what worked and what could work better, & make sure that she continue to perform her best in front of judges.

    As far as I’m concerned, she’s doing great, this video notwithstanding.

  20. Here’s one option, if ever she makes it to the top 5, I suggest she use a language that she can express herself better. If taglish is the language that she is comfortable with, so be it. Then she would have to require a translator.

    • Sensible advice. Other candidates use interpreters even when they themselves speak English, and for obvious reasons. Note that the most recent MU winners answered their Q&As in their native tongues.

    • she’s a pharmacist, she can whip up something to give her energy to answer in fluent Spanish and request for an interpreter XD

  21. I really LIKE her video because it’s honest and personal. And it seems fun. It’s not one of those overly done and rehearsed answers.

    I’m not sure why some of the people here are overly critical of her. People hardly ever check your grammar when you talk to them. (Only in the philippines I guess) Do they expect a “world peace” answer in every questions?!!!

  22. accent..spontaneity..blah,,blah..so on and so fort..wtf! gays errrr guys there are lots of crowned beauties already..na wala sa standards nyo..just give warm positive message nlang kay janine to boost her confi..anyway for me she’s herself and she is in!!!

  23. Let’s wait until the final come… who knows? because as I can see most of the winners used their own language during preliminary and final nights interview…. Let’s have faith that she will be our 3rd crown.

  24. C’mon guys. Lagi natin pinagyayabang that janine has exotic beauty, then whats wrong with an exotic accent? It is something that completes the package.

  25. After watching this interview I have very strong feelings that her downfall will be in the interviews. Venus and Supsup showed their vibrant personalities with the way they answered questions in this same Miss Universe feature. On the other hand Janine appears uninspired, bland , mediocre , boring and seemed unprepared answering these so called pageant patty questions. Yes, she may be good with the walk but if she doesn’t impress and be assertive in the crucial talk department then I’m afraid to say it’ll be ‘Hasta la vista baby!’ for her sooner than later. Just my honest 2c worth.

  26. After Manny’s KO, what fate will Janine awaits in Vegas?? KO too?! lol Me want basil, koal asan, et al for this vid..

  27. I’ve watched the videos from other Asian candidates and she was way behind Malaysia,India and Sri Lanka in this particular interview. I would like to note that though Miss India has this thick regional accent she was sooooo confident in expressing her self.

  28. Oh man, she got 8 months to prepare… A cum laude graduate from UST.. She’s definitely not in the league of Ms. Supsup….simple questions and not so eloquent answers…. I’m definitely disappointed…. 😦 … I hope she can make it tho…

  29. I completely agree with Markish. Janine sounds candid enough and she was being herself. thank God, this is Miss Universe were judges are more forgiving and understanding.

    by the way, before you malign Janine, kindly review your basic grammar lessons, go over your comments here and edit them please.

  30. expecting for more??? eh ano pa ba ang gusto nyo isagot nung tao? world peace, respect and love one another, solve world hunger, teach the children… etc. eh sinagot lang naman nya ang tanong…

    • you are very right…eh last year si Miss Malaysia mala abogado kung magsalita sa web interview hindi pumasok sa top 16…hindi basehan yan na Janine will not make it. She needs our support instead.

  31. i dont know why you’re nitpicking this poor girl. she was sincere and natural and thats the most important! she got her message across and in fact i find her endearing because of those imperfections! no one judges you on having perfect english and grammar in this competition so please stop these nonsense about her not speaking fluent english!!

  32. Very strong regional accent but It’s understandable since English is a second language like Venezuela,Mexico etc. but what is important is that she sounded very natural,very warm and very genuine.
    Though I was expecting more 🙂 hehehe, she still having hard time expressing herself using the English language.

  33. Did she ever went to a speech training? If that’s the way she answers the final question (if she would reach the final 5) , then i definitely believe she will never gonna win… She cant even pronounce the words correctly and thats just a pep interview…how much more for the pressure standing infront of a live audience.??????

    • Yeah right… Did she ever WENT!!!! Lol! This is a candid interview so candid responses are more appropriate here. She would go off tangent if her responses were well thought out. Let’s cut her some slack guys!

      • It is a plus factor to wow the people specially the prelim judges with the way you answer questions on or off camera. The way Ms. Janine answered these simple questions didnt made me turn my head and give her a second look… It lacks substance and fluidity…eloquence and spontaneity… I still wish her all luck in the world come the final night.

    • Well, if you are going to leave comments like this, you need to watch your grammar yourself.

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