13 comments on “Miss Universe 2012: Fifteen Evening Gown Portraits I Fancy

  1. with the long and vast experience of BPCI “authorities”, it just makes one wonder D

  2. By the way…that hairstyle of janine in that yellow gown will never work to bring her exotic personality….please let them know that her lingerie looks is the one that will bring her to the top: ) and I know Mr. Norman that we are booth for Philippines but seeing those pictures above…Janine must be on the last list: ( no impact…no sexy sillouhette …no personality…what I am saying… DO SOMEthing PLEASE : (

      • Thank you Mr. Norman: ) lets see on the prelims : ) but again exotic colours has a big kick on her total looks and when she walk : ) I am telling you..you’ll be proud to see her : )again…always remind to be herself and enjoy and enjoy everything : ) she’s already innnn : ) top contender among the asians: )

  3. I’ve seen those terrible gowns from Miss Colombia 2013 pageant….. please this time no more gowns from Colombia! If she is going to wear a gown from COLOMBIA….. she is still have 24 more hours to change… What a big difference can make for Janine comes the prelim and final.

    • HI Koala and Mr. Norman,

      I absolutely agree with you that Janine should change her gown even before prelims..I just left Las vegas and would just be back on prelims until the final …I am staying in San Diego for now…Anyway, I think they had consider my initial thoughts and comments on Janine the very first time I saw her on the Hotel Buffet : ) thanks to Mr. Norman: ) as days passed she glows slowly and she starts to enjoy her surroundings which makes her at her best : ) and her make up is not so heavy where it covers her true personality not like before…and I have seen how she walks during the presentation and she’s killing it…before Thailand was one of the favourite but now she’s taking over all the asians..: ) but let me tell you…janine should have a stunning evening gown because as I see now…she’s not having that recognition on that part…good thing her exotic looks really works now….I hope..I hope..they would do something about that 😦 just try to get an inspiration of her lingerie photoshoots for her total looks…then shes book on top 5 : ) but as long she’s wearing those fancy colours…prelims will be doomed…but for now…I am happy with her performance…just the gown I am not liking : ) right Koala and Mr. Norms: )

      • Thanks again for this update, Mike. I relay the board’s comments everytime so your inputs really matter (being there and all). 🙂

  4. Norman — You’re right, the gown selections are underwhelming. Who chose these gowns for the candidates? Janine’s gown, unfortunately, neither shows her svuelte figure nor her 23-inch waist. Puerto Rico’s and Brazil’s evening gown shots are among the best, IMO.

  5. Sri Lanka intrigues me … it’s not her gown, but she may have a chance 😀

  6. norms, any idea what janine will officially wear? im guessing this is just her portrait gown.

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