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  1. As I watched the past preliminary competitions. I believe these countries will be on Top tommorow. Top 5: Philippines,Venezuela, Mexico,South Africa, Czech Rep.
    Finalists:Japan,Puerto Rico,Sri Lanka,France,Kosovo,USA,Cayman Islands,Russia,Thailand,Trinidad&Tobago,Australia

  2. My favourite is Miss Poland. She`s sweet and smart and really beautiful. But she won`t win, because the winner is Olivia Culpo from USA and we all know it. So my list:

    1. USA
    2. Venezuela
    3. Mexico
    4. Sounth Africa
    5. Philippines
    6. Australia
    7. Honduras
    8. Cayman Islands
    9. Cosovo
    10. Malaysia
    11. China
    12. Equador
    13. Brazil
    14. Puerto Rico
    15. Bahamas
    16. Poland

  3. Norman — Great choices. There’s a very strong contingent of Latinas this year (i.e., Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Ecuador) which isn’t surprising. However, the contingent from Asia is refreshingly strong this year (i.e., Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan). In the past decade, there has only been ONE winner from Asia. Who knows — perhaps we’ll see another crown for Asia come coronation night.

  4. what i mean she will be top 5 only below the top 4 asian.. and top 21 of my over all of my top list,,

  5. your top 18-20 is also my choice,, iam happy you include the 4 asian that for me the strongest!,, japan.philippines,thailand & malaysia,, i hope the 4 of them enter to the top 16,, i want to include 1 more asian delegates but i decide not bec her fans claiming they are the best of asia!! she is one of the best.. but not the best!! actually she is the least likely of the top 4 asian,,

  6. I really do believe in predictions and in the leaderboard or leaderpicks….. BECAUSE AT LEAST 89.9% IT’S ALWAYS PROVEN TRUE….. SO OUT OF THE 16 THEY PREDICTED…. i WOULD LOOK FIRST AT WHOSE THE WEAKEST…. AND NEEDS TO BE OUT FIRST. MOSTLY LEADERPICKS enede up with 14 right predictions. This is the same pattern for me….

    • The 4 Asian beauties…. I don’t worry them…. they will be up there to the end!

  7. Top 5:
    Czech Rep.

    Top 10:
    Puerto Rico
    South Africa

    Top 16:

    Cayman Islands
    El Salvador

  8. Top 5 according to my dream last night :
    1. Venezuela
    2. Poland
    3. Philippines
    4. USA
    5. Ecuador

    Last year I dreamt about The Miss Universe too. Indeed, 3 of them made it to the top 5 including Miss Philippines and she was 5th placed on my dream…

  9. My top 5 :
    1. Philippines
    2. Ecuador
    3. Czeck Rep.
    4. Puerto Rico
    5. Venezuela


    6. USA
    7. Mexico
    8. Australia
    9. South Africa
    10. Ukraine


    11. Albania
    12. Jamaica
    13. Poland
    14. Malaysia
    15. Bahamas
    16. Colombia

  10. My Early Favorites:
    1. Albania
    2. Australia
    3. Bahamas
    4. Colombia
    5. Croatia
    6. Czeck Rep.
    7. Ecuador
    8. El Salvador
    9. France
    10. Philippines
    11. Puerto Rico
    12. South Africa
    13.Trinidad Tobago
    14. USA
    15. Venezuela
    16. Vietnam

    My Top 5:

    Puerto Rico
    Czeck Rep.

  11. venezuela,south africa and cayman islands are really beautiful.puerto rico is so sweet.mexico and guatemala are stunning.and look at janine’s jawline,ganda!

  12. I Believed she’ll definitely place in MU 2012 Kuya Norman. My cousin’s were able to gather some infos right there that Miss Philippines is among the favorites now… Kahit na yong mga from other countries were really getting her photos and posing with her.. though she’s kind a bit of reserved type but people from there were really saying that she’s almost perfect… her skin color, her eyes, her smiles, her register on the camera…and the way she walks is really amazing.. My bet would be, she would be 1st runner up or The Miss Universe 2012 ! Mark my word !!!

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