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  1. looking back on all of our representatives in the recent Miss Universe competitions, each had her own particular strengths. I may have reacted too early or too much in some posts. I apologize ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    Congratulations to our Miss Philippines delegates. It isn’t easy to represent a whole nation. Best of luck always ๐Ÿ˜€ You make us proud! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  5. Janine is at her best,and we must salute her on her determination!
    Americans want that kind of exoticness Janine has.
    So much for comments like,don’t do this,don’t do that.
    She’s in the game and to change her game plan will be a complete destruction of what Janine really is.
    She’ll surprise us in the prelim and the pageant night.
    Don’t overanalyze. If the crown is for her,then that is her fate, and if she did’nt make it,we must still be proud of her.

  6. we really do have different tastes. I have been following the updates in the USB Miss USA Bubble Board and Janine is a big hit among the American posters. She is consistently in their Top Five predictions. Okay, so their opinions shouldn’t be taken as the be all and end all but at least, she has caught their eye

    my siblings who are in LV right now have been raving on her exotic looks which is a big hit among pageant fans there

    Kaya mo yan Janine

  7. the current crop of candidates aren’t stunning at all> Janine just has to study her competition > use her Filipina wit and charm > she’s learned everything there is to learn from the “experts”, now do a Gloria, do a Margie, do an Armi Crespo: let go, stop thinking, compete on your own terms ๐Ÿ˜€

    • true – she doesn’t seem to have that competitive spirit that Venus had; kaya lang si Venus ay naubusan at nagmadali sa bandang huli ๐Ÿ˜€
      It’s mostly in the training; the candidate must really learn when to think and when to react.
      Any other weaknesses can be compensated for by timing, wit and charm. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. at this point i think janine should really step up. sabagay sabi nga last year si miss angola wasnt really friendly and wasnt mingling but lo and behold she got in and won bec shes really beautiful. i think janine has better chances than misses malaysia and thailand bec of her classic pinay features.

  9. hi norman. are there no handpicked delegates by trump this year? dahil gahol sa oras?

  10. This dress of Janine…. is very Japanese inspired. The designer is so creative… to make a dress out of a FUKURO OBI.

  11. Sorry fellas. miss Alabania will win Miss Universe shes in a class by herself. your girl Janine is going to be EXTREMELY lucky to even make the semi finals. Shes not attractive at all. UKRAINE and USA have outside chances but will both make final 3.

  12. Your welcome Mr. Norman: ) by the way , please kindly shared with handler of Janine that vibrant colors but in deep rich color such as wine red or champange red,pear white color are good colors for her outfits because it complements her tan color which makes her more exotic in appearance and has more appealing value : ) securities and organizers are all over so u cant actually mingle with them … Anyway , will update you on the preliminaries : )

  13. Hi Mr.Norman : ) its a great cloudy day in vegas: ) and my apology of my composition coz im just using my i phone . Anyway, lets go to updates : ) the activities in Miss are fast pace so Janine must really step up with her game … I was observing her quietly while i was on my table and while shes conversing with other candidates … Honestly , shes not at her best : ) she needs to be more of herself and just enjoy everything for her to glow naturally and i must agree with one of your readers that her outfit doesnt bring out her personality : ) not to mention that her overloaded dark make up … Please dont get me wrong that im criticizing our very own janine … I will and will always be for philipines no matter what : ) but i have seen some of the candidates who are really so charming and are aware of their supporters … At this point , the girl to beat is Puerto Rico coz shes so natural .. I wish janine could be more of herself and try not to choreograph so much of her movement … Shes stiff : ) gotta work out her world class filipina charm, her smile and she got to be aware of her surroundings specially her supporters .I am bringing all my family and friends to watch the final of miss u just to support our Janine: ) I beleive Janine can really be noticed if she can be bubbly and fun : ) besides shes in Vegas : ) I will be having lunch in the hotel buffet and this time i will try to approach her though securities are all over the place : ) to give a fresh update : )

    • Thanks again, Mike. Appreciate your updates a lot. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I agree. She should relax and do away with the stilted projection.

      And also, I already shared your comments with the “authorities” in direct communication with Janine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mike…. oh yes, if you can post some photo of Janine… please share to us. I’ve been not seeing her photos from other pageant sites . It’s always Thailand, Malaysia and India (among the Asian ) who are the focus of these pageant paparazzis.

      • Yes, been hooked to the miss u fb page but it seems photgraphers are “mailap” with janine. She is hardly noticed, i think she also need to come out, otherwise she will be someone left at the backstage

  14. Very well said Mr Philip Bobby! Positive thoughts will attract positive vibes. Believe in Janine…. time to vote!

  15. Let’ not throw quick judgements out there just yet. Janine has just arrived and I’m sure she’s still trying to get her head on straight. Let her take a moment to acclimate to all the activities and attention that surrounds her. Instead of pointing out her “faults”, let’s just whisper in her ear, “Focus…” and let her natural charm, beauty, and beguiling aura shine bright. You all have good points but let her settle in, calm down and focus and I bet that all that we critize and worry about will disappear and she will shine brightly like a sun in a midnight sky.

  16. I believe Bb Pilipinas should let go of Venus, Shamcey and Miriam as training paradigms – they didn’t clinch the crown because of the way they handled their Q&As.
    – first lesson is one must focus on answering the question; if the question asks “what” or “how” then answer accordingly. Do not answer with “I won’t …” or “I don’t believe…” Questions in these pageants were fashioned in such a way as to find out how poised the candidate is with the way she thinks and expresses herself. It’s never about your personal beliefs jibing with theirs.
    – second, very few get away with “not’ answering the question – they get away with it through sheer force of personality.
    – Bb Pilipinas should review older pageants and teach how our previous candidates Diaz, Crespo, Bennett, etc. performed well under pressure

    • Either that or have Miss Philippines use a translator. Previous MU winners (i.e., Miss Mexico) opted for a translator in the final Q&A which bought her more time to think about her answer, and naturally gave her more poise. The morning after she won, she did 10-minute television interviews with CBS and FOX Networks, all in ENGLISH!

      • yes, many have contemplated on this “measure” to improve our chances in the Q&A.
        – but just to play devil’s advocate, there were pageants where the interpreter “measure” also “backfired” on the candidate
        – i think judges now are looking for a sincere, quick and straightforward answer that elicits a collective nod, and a “hey, that’s a really smart reply”

  17. Hi Mr. Norman,

    Its so happened that I am in Vegas at this point and was booked in Planet Hollywood .I didnt know that the Miss U candidates are in the same hotel until this afternoon where I was having lunch in the hotel buffet. I guess Miss Philipines should work out more on her charm like Miss Puerto Rico who is absolutely sweet and accomodating,Guatemala who is indeed so pretty, Thailand is like a 15 year old girl and abit snubbish..Chezk republic,,goddess…but I am rooting for Puerto Rico after voting for Janine of course though I was dissapointed because we tried to approach but for some reason she didnt notice us.. : ( …….I requested if its ok to have a picture but Miss India told us that its not allowed which is very surprising?! and by the way, why Miss Phil is the only who is not wearing her sash ?? I just check your blog at that point to make sure of Janine..anyway, I will try to update you since i decided to watch Miss U in Vegas : )

    • Hi mike! Thanks for the update. Will let Janine’s handler know your impressions of her. Just keep your comments coming. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • By the way, Mike, the missing sash must be due to it being altered for the wrong spelling of ‘Philippines’ which had double L in the original one. They make this mistake all the time.

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