10 comments on “Could Olivia Culpo be a sure thing for Miss Universe 2012?

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  4. Top 16 will be enough, an achievement farther than that is an exaggeration and manipulation.
    Too short, let her stand next to Bodine, and tell me if she’s deserving of a crown.

    • I think she is Top 5 and even winning material. Leave height out of it please, that’s a bit narrow-minded. The MU is a job application, and there’s no doubt this girl can perform MU duties even if she was 4 foot.

  5. Norman — Olivia’s pretty and all that, but there are a lot of stronger candidates this year. She does have her strong points and I sort of expect that she’ll be a semifinalist since the pageant is in Las Vegas, but I don’t think she’ll advance as a finalist. P.S. — I’m an American and I’m giving my honest and objective opinion about my home turf’s candidate here.

  6. if she won, it wouldn’t be the same case with ms. world and ms. international. she was already a strong contender from the time she won ms. usa. a win on her home turf is well-deserved!

    p.s. i’m not from the us, so no bias here

  7. Oh yeah MISS USA Olivia CULPO can truly threaten many strong delegates this year as she is appealing and fresh looking! Let us watch out and see if that will still be the case in the coming days and after the preliminary show.

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