6 comments on “A glimpse into Janine Tugonon’s ‘Cobra Walk’

  1. I wasn’t impressed at all with Janine’s beauty when she was adjudged Bb. Pilipinas-Universe. I had no violent objections but I must admit that I did not root for her then. However, when I saw her during the preliminary competition for Miss Universe 2012, I instantly became a fan of hers. I was truly amazed by her transformation from an ugly duckling to a classy and graceful swan. Kudos to whoever are responsible for the unbelievable changes in Janine’s personality. To Janine, the best of luck come December 20. Bring us that elusive Miss Universe crown.

  2. OH MY GOD! can’t u guys see it. she looks like Shamcey Supsup in some other angles:) nice one Janine. For sure, your reserving the best of your cobra walk in the prelims. and in the finals . good luck

  3. Now look at her body! So sexy… I guess there’s a difference between her walk here as compared on what she did at Gandang Gabi Vice show… I prefer her walk at GGV and I think she well executed the cobra walk there.

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