6 comments on “Will Malaysia finally get it right this time with Kimberley Leggett?

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  2. i think this rep wouldn’t change last year’s fate. personally i don’t see anything special about her as opposed to farida waller who i think has more chances because of her beautiful face despite also of her rather less “asianly” look

  3. so far both deborah & kimberley are best delegates of malaysia,, i think their problem is the sash factor,, is that NC of kimberley? its look like the custome of step mother of snow white movie!

    • Norman, I am one who thought Deborah Henry deserved a semi finalist spot last year — tall, elegant, smart and articulate, and a Miss World semi finalist. I think it’s the judges who got it wrong. This year we just might see a Miss Malaysia enter the semi finalists’ circle not only as atonement but because Kimberley is drop-dead gorgeous. There seems to be a strong Southeast Asian contingent this year.

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