9 comments on “What fate awaits Janine Tugonon in Las Vegas?

  1. I have to agree that Janine is a very beautiful girl, but I just wonder if this years judges are looking for the oriental type. To me it just seems like at this point – frontrunners or no frontrunners, its open for anyone to make it to the finals and top 5. However I must say that Janines greates hurdle is going to be Japan..

  2. For me I feel that she will bring the crown, kasi lagi ako nananaginip na siya ang mananalo sa miss universe…

  3. janine should learn to perfect this exact pose and make-up a thousand times. No lifting of hair of any sort, please. and should keep it free flowing just like shamcey did a year ago. She shouldn’t be contemplating too much on her “cobra walk”. whatever that means, but instead make it more fluid and confident. She’s a witty girl for the Q&A, and can handle it under pressure, and this is her big gun,and should bombard the multiple judges with wit and eloquence . She’s already there, i know. Just keep the guns tucked under your holsters and fire them accurately when needed.
    Top 5 for her if she listens and displays.

  4. she should maintain this kind of look. her previous pictures with dark make up does not work on her i think because she looks old. this is the first picture of her that i appreciated.

  5. This is one of the best pictures I’ve seen of her. What a transformation! I have high hopes for her! How could you not.

  6. Janine needs to wear a very simple, dark-colored gown with a scene-stealing detail – not an embellishment.
    She also needs to wear an ethnic-themed costume.
    She needs to steal attention away from the other more beautiful contestants – but in a very subtle, non-attention-getting way. 😀

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