7 comments on “It’s Miss Universe or Bust for Melinda Bam

  1. Granted, South Africa has sent very strong contenders in the past. Who will forget Vanessa Carreira, and my favourite Cindy Nel. South Africa should have walked off with the MU crown plenty of times before, but let’s give Melinda her just dues, THE GIRL IS ON FIRE!! 🙂 … She’s paces ahead of everyone in the pack. If she doesn’t win, at least she gave it her best. And there is no shame in that. Thank you.

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  3. Hot, hot ,hot!
    Vavaboom! vavabam! Melinda Bam!
    Miss Bam is another reason for the excitement of Donald,
    5 orgasms will not be enough, make it sex, este 6.

  4. Norman — Not sure about Melinda. I’ve seen stronger candidates from South Africa in the past. The reason Melinda bowed out from Miss World was that she was “concerned” that if she won or even placed as a top 3 (heaven forbid!), it would have rendered her ineligible to compete in the Miss Universe pageant — there is simply no stopping her from meeting “The Donald”. So she’s definitely brimming with confidence, as you said. Anway, I would have thought that her refusal to compete in Miss World would’ve been a breach of her contract as Miss South Africa, but I guess the pageant organizers let her have her way and let her pick and choose.

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