5 comments on “Miss Earth for sale? Nyeht!

  1. There are none as blind as those who refuse to see….. Norman you need to come to terms with it dude. Your country and its people are no better and no worse than anyone else on this planet.

  2. I don’t believe that she will ever sell Miss Earth crown to Russia, let alone any country that’s willing to pay four million dollars.

    Considering that “Miss Earth: Beauties for a Cause Pageant” is organized and produced by a Philippine team, plus the fact that we are a third-world country, doing such a despicable and shameful act is so un-Filipino and deathly unglamorous.

    I’m not one to easily believe in what I see in the news, or read on the Internet, or hear here and there, so my take on this issue is that, maybe, someone might have just fabricated the whole scandal out of jealousy because, no matter what they say, Miss Earth’s cause is more relevant, and it doesn’t feel like attending a JS promenade or a graduation ball, or watching the Academy Awards, while being glued to the boob tube. There’s real-time competition happening and an air of thrill and excitement throughout the coronation night.

    Despite everything, I’ll always be proud of our country, for being able to come up with this third most prestigious pageant in the world—which, in my opinion, should be second to Miss Universe in terms of presentation and production; and first, for its relevance to today’s global issues.

  3. But the video and the transcript is so clear..
    I don’t know,,,I hope it’s not really true, I love Miss Earth and I hope this issue will not affect the legacy of Miss Earth.

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