7 comments on “Janine Tugonon: then (April 2012) and now (November 2012)

  1. I am excited for her gown.
    Black evening gown or a silver one will be nice for her complexion. Plus a ninja hairstyle will do. No No for the shitzu hairstyle popularized by Gwen Ruais.

  2. Love that they changed her pictures at the MU website. Still hate her old head shot but the other two are stunning. Hopefully, her daily and stage wardrobes are stunning!!! She’s off to a good start!!!

  3. How could I forget the woman behind it all…Madam Stella. Maraming salamat po! Kudos to you too Norman!

  4. Spectacular transformation indeed! Congratulations to Jonas and the Aces and Queen team! John for that sculptured body! Janine for her determination and will power. Who else did I miss?

    • Outside the team, a simple Thank-You to Madam Stella would be nice. She has been behind our bets – especially with Venus, Shamcey and Janine – in all aspects of training and wardrobe preparation. 😉

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