9 comments on “This is the National Costume of Miss Thailand Universe 2012 Farida Waller

  1. This costume is not that impressive compare to those of the previous years.
    But her gown is simply amazing and gorgeous.
    Goodluck to her.
    Just a reminder to Farida, beware of Janine’s cobra.

  2. not really diggin’ this one…was it themed red because it’s the official color of the present administration or it’s just plain coincidence??? hmmm… *_^

  3. Norman — I usually associate the color GOLD with Thailand’s traditional costume which adds splendor and a regal air to the attire. It appears above that the designer has replaced that royal color with BLACK instead. The headdress looks finely crafted, but it’s difficult to make out the details or appreciate it fully because of its dull dark color. Perhaps it looks better in person or maybe I’m just too “old school” when it comes to national costumes.

    • The local organizers are probably going for less flash this year. Gold is really a staple color for Thailand, not only with their traditional costumes, but with statues for worship and cultural edifices. The new palette must have stemmed from the new ideas of the winning designer who is just in his early 20s. I welcome the creation, and see it as a step towards less predictability. The country is one of a handful which take their national costumes very seriously so this year’s garb could be an experimentation of sorts. 🙂

      P.S. My Thai and Thailand-based friends are actually appreciative of all the comments – good or bad.

  4. exactly my thoughts, AR. nothing to rave about Farida’s NC. ME Thailand 2012’s national costume was a far cry from the one above. To me, it is just basically a cape, a biased cut floor length skirt, bra top accented with a thai head dress and criss cross details and cuffs which is reminds of those S&M harness costumes.

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