8 comments on “Make that two. Tonight is the night for Mister World 2012 as well.

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  2. this is norman’s blog not missosology.get life!make your own prediction or a blog.if you rely on that site,who cares?dont you knoe thay they always failed on there prediction?

  3. i know you said that but you’re supposed to be a pageant expert or at least be following missosology to know that mr italy is nowhere near the top, be it top ten hell even the top 3. you’re probably the only one among pageant critics who came up with mr italy as the winner. funny!

  4. seriously, mr italy over philippines, colombia, spain and mexico? where did that come from!?

    • Markish, that’s why I had a disclaimer on top that I’m not as confident with male pageants. I still find Fabio attractive, though. 😉

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