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  1. Im not such a fan of venezuelans but osmariel villalobos really caught my interest. I would love it if she will take homr the title

  2. My Top 8 in random order are;
    2.Puerto Rico
    4.South Africa
    5.Czeck Rep.

    My Final Four Are:
    >Czeck Rep.
    >South Africa

    and my Miss Earth 2012 is Czeck Rep.

  3. Norman — Excellent choices. And you’re also right when you say that the Miss Earth pageant is difficult to forecast. I think Turkey or South Africa are strong contenders, but who knows what will happen on coronation night? On a related note, I want to ask you who among these front runners in your opinion, if named Miss Earth, might give the most mileage and be advantageous to the pageant (e.g., media attention; potential broadcasting expansion in future, hosting venues, etc.)? And do you think the organizers factor this sort of thing in determining their final ranking?

    • Glenn, if we are to go by recent developments alone, Russia would be the likeliest winner to invite a more widespread attention to the title given her sharp and vocal views on a lot of things (her country for now, how much for if it already involves global views). But if I will just stick to my Top 4, I would say that Venezuela can bring more popularity to Miss Earth – initially in Latin America, but eventually going beyond that territory due to the number of pageant-related projects she will need to get involved with. But then again, Ecuador’s Olga Alava has done a good job as well (and with her established Asian connections to boot). So between Turkey and South Africa, I would pick Tamerin as more capable of shooting beyond her country’s environmental concerns and bringing a heightened level of relevance for the crown.

      And yes, the organizers do factor that in, but not to the point of undue coercion. But I think it’s more important for them to have a winner who is unconditionally committed, cooperative and easy to get along with. 🙂

      • Thanks, Norman.

        On another note, reading the list of broadcasters for Miss Earth, I was surprised to discover that it’s not being broadcast at all in Latin America (!) despite having had SIX Latina winners in its 11-year history. It would be great for the pageant if either Telemundo (Puerto Rico) or Univision (U.S.) — the two largest Spanish-speaking networks in the Americas — were to assume a role in this very significant broadcasting market.

      • After the 2012 edition, I am hopeful that it will air in Latin America by next year. Or if Venezuela wins tomorrow, a delayed telecast via Venevision will be most helpful in snowballing the pageant’s viewership in South America and thereabouts.

  4. For me in reverse order…. , SOUTH AFRICA, THAILAND, PUERTO RICO, USA AND T U R K E Y…

  5. Hope next year s US naman ganapin ang Miss Earth.,..Papaano na kapag natuloy na ang pgkuha ng rights ng ABS CBN s Franchise for Miss Universe so bale mas mbbigyan n ng Priority ng Network ang MISS UNIVERSE…kumpara s Miss Earth? sna bago mangyari yun dpat maipakilala n s US ang Miss Earth…dun n dalhin ang ME contest.

  6. My Predictions for Miss Earth 2012

    First Runner Up is….MISS THAILAND
    Second Runner Up is…MISS SOUTH AFRICA
    Third Runner Up is….MISS TURKEY


    Miss Earth 2012….Miss South Africa
    1st Runner Up…Miss USA
    2nd Runner Up…Miss Venezuela
    3rd Runner Up…Miss India

    Last Bet

    Miss Earth 2012 is Miss Thailand
    1st Runner Up is…Miss Turkey
    2nd Runner Up is….Miss USA
    3rd Runner Up is…Miss Russia

  7. Kuya Norms…correction 80 delegates…Miss Turkey or Miss South Africa for the win..! love to see one of these girls winning the crown and the tittle… both deserving!

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