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  1. Well, I think Norman did not know too much about Maria Fernanda. She did much during his reign. She participated in charities, conferences, events and also found time to continue her modeling career. Although Miss International Org does not promote the “quee”, Mafer made many trips. She traveled to China, including Hong Kong, made 3 trips to Japan. She traveled several times to the U.S., where he had two television appearances and many phosotshoots. Her last photo shoot was in Sep/12 with Elite Model Agency, a modeling agency very competitive to get in . Mafer got MissIntOrg consent to accept a contract of this agency. Mafer had more activities than Olga Ecuador. Besides charity events, she was judge in several beauty contests. She was on the cover of many local and international magazines. She is the best paid model is her country and did for free/charity beautiful phoshoots and fashion show with the best photographs and fashion designers there. Everything she did was for his own merit, because MissEcuOrg never supported her, this Org at the last minute not allowed herto travel to New York (Olga could because MissEarthEcu does not belong to MissEcuOrg). Mafer was chosen as the most beautiful and complete Miss Ecuador of all time and for second consecutive year she was part of the list of important people in her country (no beauty queen is on that list).

    • Thanks for the additional infos, Mar! 🙂

      Appreciate the detailed backgrounder that can’t normally be accessed by people who are not personally acquainted to Ms. Mafer.

    • I apologize for the spelling but I have a self correction program that does not work well from Spanish to English! It is not “his” is “her” , it’s “queen” & more for sure….. Thx!

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