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  1. RUSSIA is a very huge country stretching from the Scandinavian Europe.. to the far FAR EAST… and it consisted of different regions and ethnicities. Just like in the OLYMPIC GAMES, some of the medalled athletes were just happy to receive their medals, but deep inside them, NOT HAPPY TO BE REPRESENTING RUSSIA at all. Miss RUSSIA is from KURSYK region, and maybe, in her hearts that what she want to represent. Crimea is also one of the region in Russia, and still a part of RUSSIA. But they are independent state/ territory only in Miss Earth pageant….

  2. Thanks for the update. On a different subject here, Miss Russia has received a lot of media attention recently because of her controversial comments about her own country (i.e., “My Russia is a beggar…”) and criticizing Russia’s elite as “greedy”, provoking both outrage and agreement in her country. After reading her statement in full, I personally think she is right in making those comments. Some say a country’s candidate should never criticize her own country — others (like me) think that it is entirely appropriate and takes courage to do so, if indeed the criticism is factual. What do you think?




    • Glenn, some people are saying that Natalia is saying all of this in such good timing as to stir the kind of controversy that would help her stand out while the judges are already giving their scores on who’s in and who’s out come finals night. There are even those who add that she just might win Miss Earth based on her strong pronouncements which invited free publicity from bigger (and more well-read) news groups around the world.

      Be that as it may, I stand behind her statements. I may not be as ‘vivid’ in describing my country if we were to trade places. But given a platform like Miss Earth where people will sit up and listen to the same, I would most likely take the opportunity to express my sentiments – be it to the detriment of my chances of winning or otherwise.

      Let me just add that before Natalia arrived in Manila, she was among a few ladies I placed on top of the list. But somewhere along the way, she started losing her shine and considerably fell in my rankings. It could be the presence of stronger candidates or a selective disposition in giving her 100% in the pre-pageant challenges and activities. So one part of my brain is saying that her poetic tirades against Russia are all timed and therefore suspect of its real motives. The other part, though, admires her guts in giving such a risky interview.

      At this juncture, I have already made my final evaluation of all the delegates. I am not about to switch selections just because of Natalia’s revelations. If she ends up winning, I won’t be sore. But I would advise that she tempers her ‘patriotic’ lines a bit so as not to lose focus on what being Miss Earth is all about. 😉

      • Norman — I agree. I am one to give Natalia extra points for having the balls for making her rather frank and controversial remarks. She said what was in her gut regardless of any potential backlash (especially considering that she’s a government employee). Natalia’s point is correct: it is the elite and big business who by and large determine the critical environmental policies that have the biggest impact on our environment. Politics and economic and social policies do matter. And in Natalia’s case, she certainly scored a lot of media attention in Europe, Australia and in the U.S. It also attracted additional media attention to the pageant itself which otherwise would have largely gone unnoticed had she not made these in-your-face remarks about the systemic problems her country faces. Good luck to her on pageant night!

  3. Wow! my bet Ilknur Melis Durasi of Miss Turkey is on the top good sign for her to the crown…

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