10 comments on “Miss Earth 2012 Medal Tally as of November 7, 2012

  1. I think merong corresponding points for every medal and ribbon.. for example: Gold medalist – 10 points, Silver medalist – 7 points, Bronze medalist – 5 points, and Green Ribon – 3 points…that’s how my understanding on that medal tally.

    • You’re right, cyz. The only difference is that challenge medals and points constitute just a percentage of the total score. Pre-judging (happening this week) holds the biggest share. 🙂

    • Sorry for that, Pete. It always happens when the internet connection slows down. I’ll choose a more eye-friendly background soonest. 😉

  2. NORMAN…. I demand an answer too. To hasten my ambiguity, I really don’t know what these MEDAL STANDINGS are all about? And For what? Does it means, a candidate who eraned the so-called MEDALS (whatever the color) advances to the 15 spots? I still do BELIEVE in the power of the JUDGES, than these MEDAL SCORING SYSTEM….

    • Anyway, my top 2 favorites are leading the so-called MEDAL STANDINGS… TURKEY and NEPAL…. and hoping that the panel of JUDGES will also vote for these 2 top medallist (as the record stands now)….

    • I actually have a lot of questions regarding the tally. I just included the obvious ones. Up to now, there is no confirmation of fast-tracks, if any.

      • Norman — From what you describe, this scoring system sounds like a big mess. The awful thing about it is that it leaves room for error and doubt. Here’s how the Miss Earth website describes how these points are earned:

        “The points these delegates will be earning in activities and events prior to the coronation night will include how each candidate conducts herself in socializing with other delegates and event partners, cooperates and complies with instructions from their team managers, behaves and presents herself properly in every event.”

        So a candidate gets awarded points by “socializing”, or how she “cooperates and complies with instructions” or how she “behaves”? How the hell do you objectively quantify this sort of stuff? The Miss Earth candidates are not some grade school girl scouts — these are adult professional women, each having earned her national title and should be treated as such.

      • Very subjective, Glenn. And I can’t even believe that social conduct is formally raised as a parameter. It’s something that should be discussed by the inner circle of Carousel, just like in the past. Putting it out in the open (or including it in the scoring) leaves a lot of room for doubts.

        So does that mean Miss Turkey is relatively behaving badly since she has only 2 green ribbon points?

        All this time, I thought only challenge medals will be handed out. Those green ribbons are not helping any, insulting even. I won’t be surprised if a Gold is awarded to Best Demeanor. And whoever the winner is will sarcastically cry instead of being genuinely happy.

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