5 comments on “The Philippine Volcano is now Mr. World Philippines 2012

  1. Everything is practically last minute with Andrew’s appointment as MrWP2012. I’m happy that he is our rep because his built can stand against the entries from Europe and Latin America. The nice thing is that he got his hunkiness mostly from playing rugby (just like Derek Ramsey’s frisbee-sculpted body) and not plain gym workouts and trainings. While his looks may be middlingly Caucasian, it should help that he is proud of his Filipino roots aside from speaking Tagalog in an almost fluent manner. He’s a nice guy despite the things he got involved with in the past. Hopefully, he places in London. 😉

  2. Super guapo… And yes I am so relieved that we have representative to Mr. World 2012. And I’d like it THIS WAY. By appointee na lang. Rather than having a pageant… tapos hindi naman deserving ang winner…..

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