9 comments on “My Early Favorites from the Miss Earth 2012 Press Conference

  1. Norman, After watching the press presentation online, I would include as elemental alternates India, Brazil, and Costa Rica. And as you’ve stated, any one of your top 4 elemental picks are among the standouts of the competition thus far and could easily grab the title, at least from our vantage point!

    • Ooops. I forgot to add the stunning candidate from the Netherlands. I’ve a feeling Europeans are going to do very well this year.

      • How about Ms. Philippines, she is very pretty and smart.
        dapat nasa 4 elemental din sya.

      • Stephany is pretty but she is out of shape. I don’t know what happened to her body. Yes, she is smart, but this is still a beauty pageant after all and personal fitness counts a lot. I can still see her making Top 16, though. 🙂

    • While it wasn’t such a breeze coming up with my early Top 4, these ladies have shown so far that they deserve to be cited above the rest.

  2. The Asianas are highly competitive…THAILAND and MONGOLIA are very beautiful and so with Nepal and Indonesia…. Turkey and Venezuela (magkamukha)…

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