5 comments on “My Favorite Clips for the Miss Earth 2012 Eco-Beauty Online Video Voting Contest

  1. Yes Isen and Mr. Norman, I think even with or without a pageant we should do our part to save our only home …however Miss Earth is a good way of getting attention the people of the world to be aware of whats happening to our Planet.I’m not trying to be preachy in here : ) but what I am saying is… I absolutely believe with the advocacy of this pageant : ) say whatever they say…but this is better than any hypocrite or any political driven competition…. Mabuhay to Miss Earth !!!

  2. I have this gut feeling that in time..Miss Earth will overpass not only the popularity of Miss Universe but Miss Earth will fly like great colors of essence and substance. Upon watching the short video documentary of the few candidates . Ive realized that this competition deserves to be really applauded by the world because it promotes of saving our only home …The Earth…I am not trying to discount the objectives of Miss Universe but I feel that with Miss U is all about glamor, fashion and media hype…not unlike this Miss Earth ,though they involve beautiful women they are aware of what is their real purpose behind the stage and off the camera…that behind all those high heels and lights on the stage …lays a great purpose…I always believe that pageant are just like eye candies…but now..it made me realize that it truly has its purpose : ) Good luck to all the candidate and more power to Miss Earth… and thanks for the great post Mr. Norman: )

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