4 comments on “Philippines wins Miss International Queen 2012!

  1. Ang ganda naman ni Miss Thailand! Congrats Kevin! Disappointing finish for the Miriam Jimenez. All that hype wasted…

    • My Bangkok mole said that it was a very close competition and that Miriam Jimenez should have been in the Top 3 along with Kevin and Miss Thailand. Somehow, the judges favored Miss Brazil instead. Perhaps, they thought that one Miss Philippines in the Top 3 was just right. 😦

      Kevin was a very strong contender right from the start, with frequent features in the daily newspapers as the favorite to win. And she did! 🙂

    • Straight from my Bangkok mole who watched the finals on Thai TV Channel 9 last night, he said that the final question for Kevin went something like this:

      “What special attributes do you have to win Miss International Queen?”

      And Kevin’s reply was (more or less): “I think all candidates are equally beautiful and confident, but I am just a simple girl and my simplicity is my attribute!”

      After that answer, the emcee then said “You are simply the best choice for Miss International Queen!”


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