6 comments on “Stephany Stefanowitz: To win or not to win Miss Earth 2012

  1. iv been a fun of beauty contest ever since local,national and international pageant.i would like to give a comment regarding a post says if china host mw and their candidate won and so do to japan for mi.i for one never to do that to ms.earth 2012.i beleive we will not follow what china and japan as hosting country did.let the deserving candidate proclaim as ms.earth 2012 and in doing so the world will appreciate and believe that phillipines is not the same wth japan and china as hosting country.okei ty

  2. Miss World 2012 was obviously rigged. I really don’t like Yu Wenxia to be honest. My bets for the crown are Vanya Mishra (India), Jessica Kawahaty (Australia), Mariana Berumen (Mexico), & Charlotte Holmes (England). To the very end, the host candidate won. I was very disappointed. I also predicted that Queenerich Rehman will not placed as high as last year’s Gwendoline Ruias because the political & geographical tensions of our country & the Communist China. I will believe on the joke that Julia Morley “sold” the MW soul to China. I don’t bother Japan’s victory to their own pageant (Miss International). Somehow they deserved it, although I predicted that our very own Nicole Schmitz or Alize Lily Mounter will be the new Miss International.

  3. Norman — I forgot to mention: If you look at the Miss Earth tally distributed among the various countries represented (this includes the titles of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and also the semifinalist spot), the Philippines has the HIGHEST tally with a total of NINE (source: Wikipedia). Second in position are Venezuela and Thailand (7). In third position are Brazil and India (6). Considering that there have only been 11 pageants to-date, this 82% batting average for a semifinalist spot (especially for the host country) is extremely high and could be perceived negatively and justifiably so.

  4. SHE HAS POTENTIAL,TALL, PORCELAIN SKIN, PRETTY FACE & ARTICULATE QUALITIES TO BE MS.EARTH.. but the organizer should not push the crown to her… like the 2 other asian country did!? lets the judge decide… anyway we always runners up in ms.earth… to be honest i wish manalo siya… ang hindi ko talaga makalimutan yung ms.world.. ,, halatang halata naman dun.. sa ms.international mas relax yung atmosphere.. japan man nanalo.. ok lang… sa ms.world…???..

  5. Norman — You raise very valid points. I would hope that the Carousel organizers are smart enough where to draw the line this year. The stakes are particularly high in terms of maintaining Miss Earth’s international standing and credibility. By that I’m not saying that they should throw Stephany under the bus, but rather put in place the necessary and strict checks and balances — both during the pre-pageant and final judging, including an objective, international panel of judges — to ensure the results on coronation night are beyond reproach.

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