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  1. Norman — The only Versailles Palace I’ve ever visited is in France. Looking at the picture of the venue above, what exactly is it? — it looks like a government building or a small hotel of some sort, but I’m not exactly sure….

    • Glenn, Versailles is actually an exclusive French-designed residential subdivision located right beside the very high-end Ayala Alabang Village. Inside it are two clubhouses – a regular one and the Palace which was made to host the big gatherings and events of homeowners. Some people think that the venue appears to be a downgrade from previous years. Although – having been there myself – I believe that it could make for a more visually appealing location for the finals if shot well from different angles. The feel of the place is resort-like and Miss Earth-friendlier. 🙂

      • Norman — Having only made brief visits to Manila twice in the past 25 years, I was totally clueless. I remember having been to Ayala in the financial district of Makati, but I have no idea or even ever heard of “Alabang” so this development must be all new. Thanks for the info.

      • Ayala Alabang is where the new generation of the ‘old rich’ resides. It’s like the Forbes Park of the South. Versailles is trying to match its neighbor’s image but to no avail just yet. The exclusivity remains in force, though.

  2. According to the their official site, Miss Earth Finals will held in Versailles, Alabang..

  3. Great thoughts from Mr. Norman..:-)

    Being a novice pageant blogger myself, I am constantly keeping an eye in every article you’ve published..:-) I find it very informative, sensible and at the same time entertaining..^^

  4. Olga Alava…. she’s very deserving to win Miss Earth 2011, and as well as fernanda Cornejo Miss International 2011…

  5. Nice… we’ll see if Philippines will get Miss Earth crown like what happened to MW: China and MI: Japan, the host country won! 🙂

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