8 comments on “My Predictions for Miss International 2012

  1. Never did I imagine that Miss Japan would win considering the number of stunning candidates this year. With China giving the Miss World title to Miss China earlier this year — while at the same time withdrawing its own candidate from participating in Miss International — Japan in a fit of one upmanship plays turn about and crowns Miss Japan with the Miss International title. This trend of host countries crowning their own candidate must stop. It adds a toxic flavor to international pageantry that could eventually kill it.

    • That’s why ME should not even come close to entertaining the thought of allowing Stephany to win because right now, MU2012 is slowly gaining ground as a possible Olivia Culpo show.

      • Norman, I agree with you completely! As much as I like both Stephany and Olivia, for either one to win in their home turf will be a disservice to their respective pageant’s credibility due in large part to what’s happened with the Miss World and Miss International titles this year.

  2. MOCHIRON, FUTARI NICOLE desu….. Of course the 2 NICOLES…. NICOLE HUBER (PARAGUAY-daijoo) soshite NICOLE SCHMITZ (FIRIPIN-daijoo)…. omedetou!

    • Never mind the grammar, but if you were to use another language please make sure you at least had the words right… Somebody has to say this…

      Anyways, good luck to Nicole!

  3. Nicole has got all the goods to win the fifth crown for the Philippines, though, I agree that Rafaella’s probably her biggest competition for the crown!!!!! I feel that Nicole will really make us proud – in about 21hours from now….!!!!!

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