9 comments on “Nicole Schmitz needs your vote!

  1. She is no Jinkee! It is like comparing a polished silver spoon (Nicole) to a disposable plastic spoon. Duh! Nicole reminds me of Melanie Marquez when she competed & won Ms. International! That’s the right comparison! Hmp!

    • I am sorry but regardless of your opinion, your name betrays you and your volatile demeanor.

  2. That is highly debatable . Manny Pacquiao is heterosexual so no gay man can speak for his preference regarding women..

    • A gay man like myself would think Jinkee Pacquiao’s face has a closer resemblance to MPE2012 Stephany Stefanowitz. 😉

  3. I just voted for her and I hope all Filipinos around the world vote for her as well. She is more than deserving of the internet title as well as the Miss International 2012 title. As I have said before, I always reserve my judgement of our representatives until I “see them in action” at their respective pageant.
    I’ve cast my vote on line for our representative and now I cast my vote publicly for her to be MI 2012 or at the very least, top three.
    Watching and comparing her to others there, she really is a standout. She has photographed beautifully and she is eye-catching. I’m hoping that MI being held in Okinawa gives our representative a fair chance to go for the crown. It hopefully makes up for the pageants where Melody and Krista were our representatives. Those two, in particular, should have been Miss International in their respective years. As wild as it sounds, it should have been a back-to-back for The Philippines. But politics played its nasty role and now I’m praying for karma to redeem us and give us the MI crown with Nicole. Time will tell. She is beautiful, she is well-spoken, she is, at times, breath-takingly beautiful.
    Melody and Krista, in my mind, are my Miss Internationals for their respective years. Diane, while beautiful, did her best, could have/should have made the top three but was okay with at least being a semi-finalist (again, nasty politics involved). Now, in Okinawa, karma and Miss International has a chance to redeem itself/themselves by giving Nicole the crown, or at the very least, top three. It’s time…

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