11 comments on “The loooong reign of Leila Lopes, MU2011

  1. I agree Leila has been a great Miss Universe! She hasn’t done anything controversial or offensive to get some cheap publicity. This is the way a Miss Universe winner should act like.

  2. Hmmm… I wonder if Leila will get additional compensation from Trump for technically “working” for a few additional months, more than her stipulated 1-year contract? Let’s hope so. : )

    And whoever wins December’s pageant in 2012, should the world end on December 21 according to ancient Mayan calculations, definitely will have a very short reign : (

    • A ten-day reign? So sad. And I might not even be around to blog about it. Anyways, I’m pretty sure Leila will get additional compensation for the extension. It may not always be in monetary form, but she will get something worthy of her time and effort.

      • “And I might not even be around to blog about it…” Unless of course you happen to board one of those high-tech arks and ride out those nasty tsunamis…

      • basil pangit na mga comment mo lately..may pinagdadaanan kb?hehehe..pero sana man lang wla na yang mga nega comment..remember maraming nagbbasa dito sa blog ni sir norman..maraming maiinis sau..sana gamitin natin ang talino natin,hindi ipakita ang tunay na modo,asal at paguugali..sorry pero un ang opinyon ko…

  3. Leila may have the longest reign as for the record, but another record has been set by this Angolan, she’s the Most Boring Miss Universe!

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