4 comments on “Who will win Miss Venezuela 2012-2013?

  1. So Ms. Julia Morley really mean what her saying. She was so greedy. Her pageant will not be famous without the Venezuelan titleholders under Miss Venezuela pageant, as we all know Venezuelans are the most competitive & most fanatic (than us, Filipinos) in the beauty pageantry whether in Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, & several minor international & regional pageants. Her husband, Eric didn’t care too much if the delegates competing in Miss World is a national titleholder, or just a runner up. I admit, I am still bitter that Miss World Organization remove the national license to Binibining Pilipinas. Anyway, Miss Universe is still the most prestigious pageant, next is our very own Miss Earth. It is not depending on the # of participants. MW just happened they sell their licenses very cheap. And to Ivian Sarcos, she is so ungrateful to his Master (Osmel Sousa) for allegedly working the removal of MW license in Miss Venezuela, & put a separate organization (MISS WORLD Venezuela).

  2. The Black Ribbon means the tragedy that they recently had in one of the Oil / Gas Refinery in Amuay, outside of Caracas, where more than 40 people where killed due the massive explosion..they just expressing their condolences to the Venezuelan people due this tragedy….

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