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  1. what if Miss World were to PUBLISH the scores for each event –
    … i just believe that it’s impossible to PREDICT Miss World results 😦

    • Jerome, MWO will never publish their individual scores, let alone the fine details of the challenge events. For them, it’s enough that they utilized a huge scoreboard of the NETT figures for all the preliminaries during the finals. Whatever numbers were exchanged among the judges going into the Top 7 will remain a mystery, just as the dubious inclusion of Miss World USA in the Top 15 despite a cumulative scoring so far behind from the rest.

  2. One more day and will see how the pageant will go!!! For sure it will make us crazy… this years edition is much more interesting compared last year. Maybe with the help of social networking sites. Still crossing my fingers to Queenie!

  3. Glenn, you mean that the sole purpose of these fast track events is to determine the top 7 candidates and after that it would be a different story??

    • Kimimura: As I just learned, the Fast Track scores earned by the candidates only comprise one third of a candidate’s total preliminary score. So the Fast Track events may or may not matter, depending on the candidate’s overall preliminary score. Last year’s winner, Ivian Sarcos, didn’t do as well in the Fast Track competitions but apparently her preliminary scores (independent and separate from the Fast Track scores) were very high, enough so to get her in the finalists’ circle on finals night. Additional points are then earned by the finalists on pageant night based on their onstage performance and Q&A. The candidate with the highest total aggregate score based from all phases of the competition (preliminary + Fast Track + finals night performance) wins the title.

  4. Norman — I hope this doesn’t turn out to be another coronation night for China’s favorite candidate: Miss China, of course. I was just looking at the preliminary fast track placements and Miss China has somehow made it as a top finisher in three out of the four events whose preliminary results have been posted thus far: Beach Fashion; Talent; and Top Model. None of the other candidates have done as well as Miss China in these preliminary fast track events! None. I find this shameless pro-active positioning by the pageant’s host country rather insulting and goes against every rule of hospitality. I truly can’t wait to see the pageant held elsewhere in the future.

    • I just heard the outrageous news — Miss China won. All the red flags were there, figuratively and literally! My suspicions, my prediction, unfortunately, proved to be true. Julia and her Chinese business partners must think we’re all stupid. So much for this pageant’s integrity or credibility, which is ZERO.

  5. As always, Kuya Norman has the best and most sensible predictions.
    Can I share my predictions?
    My Top 15;
    Czeck Rep.
    South Sudan

    My Top 7;
    South Sudan

    My Top 3;
    2nd Princess; China
    1st Pricess; South Sudan
    Miss World; Wales

  6. my top 3 ms. philippines,ms. wales &ms. china.. if china want 2nd ms.world crown not as a host country pls….. i think china will end up as 2nd runners up.. the crown will be between wales & phil.. ,, if queenie’s answers is flawless.. i think she will be the winner… ,, just my guts!… but???watch out ms. jamaica…she could turn the table..

  7. Norman — Great selection. My personal choices would include Miss Greece and Miss Nepal. Bookmakers are giving favorable betting odds to Mexico and Wales.

  8. my prediction ms.phil win ms.talent!,, kapag hindi siya nanalo.. ewan ko na lang kung anong talent ang gusto ng mga chekwang yan… nantandaan ko pa yung pinaggagawa nila nung 2010 ms.world & ms.intnl… sana naman this time maayos ang labanan,,walang lutuan… ,,

  9. im really confused as to how MWO comes up with the winners using the scoring system. If the fast track events is the case wouldnt Miss Jamaica be the most probable winner? If someone clears this one for me i would really appreciate it! sigh

    • Last year’s MW winner Ivian Sarcos’ best placement in the fast track competitions was a mere 3rd runner-up position in the Beach Body competition. So I assume that while a candidate’s fast track scores might get her in as a semifinalist, those same scores probably don’t carry a lot of weight come final judging on coronation night.

  10. great choices as usual Norman. Im just wondering why is Miss Belarus on your lists? She’s like non existent on the fast track events? Correct me if im wrong 😀 I personally like Miss Mexico Mariana Berumen and Miss Phil to win since Nozomi is really waay out of the picture lol

    • Hotaru, Belarus may not be on the fast track events but gut-feel tells me that she will still make it. 😉

  11. Miss PHILIPPINES and Miss NEPAL are look-a-like. Both have INDO blood. And during the Fashion designer awards night, both Quennie and Shristi wore almost identical gown, except for the color (red for Miss Philippines and blue for Miss Nepal). These 2 are my favorites….

  12. Bravo! Great selection Norman…
    Just crossing my fingers to Queenie to bring home our first MW Crown!!!

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