11 comments on “My early assessments of the bright-eyed aspirants for Protege, Season 2

  1. For male, I see great potentials and marketability w/Jeric, Mikoy and Andres; Bryan can get to the list also as he has the manly physique comparable to Derek D. Maybe not now but w/ proper developmental programs, that’s sure in the future. For female, Arny and Thea are my frontrunners; solidly being followed by Elle & Zandra. Though I think Zandra could face a lot of “bingit” moments.

      • Do you believe Andres deserves early elimination? I don’t think so, it was just a marketing ploy to entice fans more. Just like what they did to Lovely last season. It was very obvious that the show will use her. Andres might not win or technically, at least at this point, could win no more, but he has the enormous potential that GMA needs for. It was the assessment I did with Marian, Julie Ann, Sarah Lahbati, Alden, Rhian and Carla A. Sadly, not everyony gets great opportunities also :).

      • Andres should have stayed. But to his downfall was Japs’ high score (in his successful interpretative dance with Elle) last Sunday and a less-than-encouraging number of text votes. Both areas comprise a huge chunk of the over-all tally. Sad to see him go, but this is a competition after all. I’m sure GMA will sign him up, just the same.

        Protege’s edge over TV5’s Artista Academy is the fact that their aspirants are more pang-masa in a way that young people can relate to them better as compared to the mixed breeds who, despite their good looks, may or may not connect with their target audience in the long run. Aljur’s brother, Vin, remains a favorite of the critics and Wilma Galvante herself, but I would go for Benjo Leoncio and Akihiro Blanco more than him.

    • oh yeah i forgot, maybe he’s quite young but there’s something in him that could draw much attention ; or maybe that’s the exact factor – his youthfulness. Well, I’m talking about Ruru. .

      • possibly, he’s “batang siga” aura and childish acts draw a person to constantly look at him more.

      • What’s fascinating about the remaining guys is the distinct quality each of them possesses. Mikoy is geeky adorable who sings very well. Jeric is matinee-idolish who sings very well. Bryan is hunk-in-the-making who dances well. Ruru is the underage bad boy who does hip-hop well. And Japs is, quite frankly, the kanto-boy-next-door who dances with an edge. The girls don’t have much of the different flavors, although they have their individual pluses. Thea has started coming out of her shell and is slowly developing a good tandem with Mikoy. Elle could be the sexy ingenue, with Arny being the more mature sexy. Zandra is mixed-race sexy who could become a good kontrabida, while Shelly is veritably the cute-girl-next-door.

  2. hi…andres, jeric, ruru glen and mykel ang bet ko sa boys….sa girls na man…arny ross, thea, shelly and elle..thus, reese will be the first one to pose in fhm…aura nya mala katrina-christine-iwa..

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