5 comments on “The new and constantly improving Luzelle Felipe

  1. I guess 2013 is good chance for her… most of her batch mates two years ago already re-joined the pageant… and got some crowns 🙂 Queenie and Janine, am I right?! I think she’s ready enough to compete for 2013. If Diane and Janine did the following year, I guess she’s been better now after all those polishing moments 🙂

    If Elaine Kay Moll will be participating 2013, they will have a good fight. Don’t you think?! Or I doubt coz Elaine is already participating for Supranational.

  2. i liked her during the 2011 edition but she’s just too raw then
    i’d really love to see her come 2013 edition and conquer it

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