4 comments on “Whaaaattt? Miss World 2012 Beach Beauty cancelled?

  1. It seems like it’s a misunderstanding between some candidates, and the Miss World Organization. The Beach Beauty competition is postponed to August 3, and not cancelled. It still shows in their website’s competition schedule. 🙂

  2. Norman: This cancellation is a run-up to Miss World 2013 which bikini-averse Indonesia will be hosting. Julia Morley buckled under pressure from next year’s host.

    • You know, Glenn, you’re right. It didn’t cross my mind right away. What a boring edition 2013 would become then – a boon for those ladies with less-than-hourglass figures. It’s not like the finals have never dragged for the past several years.

      • Even if they do go ahead with the Beach Body competition this year, I strongly doubt there will be one in Indonesia next year. The rumored cancellation may have been just that — or it also could have been a way for MW to test the waters so to speak, so it won’t be too much of a shock when they actually cancel it next year to pacify the host country. Julia Morley does not want a repeat of MW 1996 when the swimsuit shoots caused street riots that the pageant had to be moved to Seychelles, and in 2002 when violent protests occurred in Nigeria over the same issue. Julia is anticipating the potential of this occurring in Indonesia — a predominantly conservative Muslim country.

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