7 comments on “One Like for One Crown: the Queenierich Rehman Miss World 2012 Campaign

  1. Just another boring hairtyle!
    I’m just wondering why the ACES and QUEENS are conducting hairstyling/make-up lessons to their ladies only to find out that at the pageant night,Philippine delegate will just pulled her hair up.
    Queenie’s hairstyle only makes her more matroy.

    • Basil, the lessons are not meant for just the finals or important nights. Our delegate/s should be equipped with the know-how that will allow self-reliance in all the activities, especially the ones where time is of essence or there are limited number of hair/makeup specialists to assist them. Sometimes, the ladies have only themselves to rely on. 😉

  2. hindi pa ba halata ,, ako halatang halata ko.. yung mga chekwa na yan.. gusto nila 2nd ms.world title,, gagawin nila lahat manalo ang kandidata nila,, sinadya nila yan sa ms. pilipinas,,, kase napansin nila threat ang pilipinas sa crown kaya gumagawa sila ng paraan… hindi nila ibibigay sa pinas ang korona… baka nga hindi pa nila isama ang pinas sa finals.. ok gusto nila ng crown.. lahat gusto yan… but not as a host country for the 2nd time to get the crown,, maraming mas deserving na kandidata kesa kanila,, antay na lang teo next year.. anyway super likes ng mga indonesia ang mga filipino di ba they admired our filipino artist,, anyway sa 2015 ms.world sa pinas… bawi bawi na lang,,,ha.ha

  3. That picture was edited. It was not the actual pic from the ramp. Her photo on the ramp was one of those that was not posted on the MW website.

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