4 comments on “Queenie’s Shanghai Sojourn

  1. Kuyang, nagpabotox ba ang pamangkin mong si Queenie? Ang tambok ng cheekbones.
    Parang may pingpong balls sa pisngi!

  2. Norman — Thanks for the update on Queenie and for sharing the pics. Yes, it does look like Queenie’s been having a lot of fun — perhaps too much that she’s earned that band-aid right below her right knee : ) And you’re right about Miss Nepal — she’s probably the most competitive candidate from Nepal anyone has seen to-date: beautiful, tall, articulate and speaks 5 languages. But surprisingly Miss Nepal didn’t qualify as a finalist in two of the Fast Track events (Top Model and Talent) that have been announced thus far, while Queenie has.

    • I don’t think that speaking multi languages is an advantag, When a contestant says that she can speak 5 or more languages,that is a lie, give her an exam to prove it.
      During 2006, Miss Japan(Kurara Chibana), claimed that she can speak 8 languages, and surprisingly,English was not on that 8, she used an interpreter during the telecast.
      Damn those girls who are claiming credits for the assets they don’t really have.
      Well, I can speak 17 languages! interpreter please.

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