6 comments on “So far, so (better than) good!

  1. Queenie is doing all her part, but as always, expect MW to be always unpredictable and boring.
    Last year, Puerto Rico had the highest accumulated points, but she ended up as 2nd r.u to a Venezuelan who can’t speak in English.
    And after the announcement of top15, they narrowed the contestants into 7, and the big question is, “what is the criteria”? Damn MWO, in times when we are so up-to-date and knowledgeably- equipped, this org is making us damn too, oust Julia!

    • Basil — I, too, scratched my head at last year’s results: The Fast Track results didn’t correlate with the final results, not even close — it’s as if the Fast Track events didn’t even happen. For example, while the Philippines and Puerto Rico finished the Fast Track competitions with top 3 rankings, Venezuela still won the title. This was a surprise since Miss Venezuela’s best effort during the Fast Track competitions was a mediocre 4th place in the Beach Beauty event behind England, Martinique and Ukraine. She also only managed to eke out a semifinalist spot in the Top Model event and then failed to enter the top 30 of the Beauty with a Purpose event (the competition closest to Julia’s heart!). So one is left to wonder how Miss Venezuela zoomed past all those candidates who raked in the high scores in the Fast Track competitions?

      • Very true!
        Miss World is just another coking show in the planet.
        I won’t be surprise if in the coming years, a culinary chllenge will be part of the fast track events.

  2. Queenie is really playing her cards well… Good job to her… She can make every Filipino proud once again in Miss World. Kahit kanino pa siya tumabi agaw tingin ang aura niya! Panalong panalo…

    • And the locals and chaperones can’t help but praise all the lovely gowns and cocktail dresses that she has been wearing. Kudos to the local fashion designers who shared their creations! 😀

      • With the work Filipino designers I am pretty sure it’s jaw dropping for them to see the creations Queenie wearing. She’s cool as she has been a finalist for the Top Model award… and off-course her beat boxing Talent made her shine as well… scoreboard for her must be soaring now 🙂 Can’t wait for other events!!! Swimsuit and Evening Gown or should I say Designer Award… 🙂

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