9 comments on “Renae Ayris: definitely a Miss Universe 2012 A-lister

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  2. Great Read Norman , I would love to know how you rate on your predictions , that is have you normally got top 10 with your picks over the years ??

    • Thanks, stevo. Normally, I do great with my Top 5 predictions over the years. Top 10 I would rate myself good. In Renae’s case, she wasn’t only under my radar for weeks going into the finals, but my top pick to win as early as seven days before the coronation night. 🙂

  3. She’s a living portrait.
    Like you Kuyang, I prefer a brunnette over a blonde beauty.
    But this aussie has some kind of mystery, her eyes are so magnetic.
    It seems like she was born during th ancient times to reign this modern era.
    I would love to see her in a all-black evening gown.

  4. Norman — I agree with you when you say that the Australians have found a system that works for them. In the past 4 consecutive years, they have scored two semifinalist positions, a 3rd runner-up, and a 2nd runner-up. There’s no need for them to shift gears. Australia’s 2012 candidate is a real stunner, and no doubt, there’ll be a place for Miss Australia this fifth consecutive time around, and I’d go as far as saying that it won’t surprise me if Australia wins the title this year.

    • And for as long as they can hang on to Donald Trump’s G-spot, they will keep on sending the same type of beauties. 🙂

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