8 comments on “Saigon, here I come!

  1. Norman — I hope you have a grand time in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh). Never been there but have thought about it though.

    • It’s definitely going to be an experience for you if ever. It doesn’t have the allure of Thailand, but it has its’ own charm just the same.

  2. when will i be seeing you in downtown shibuya norman?! Ill be looking forward to that! 😀 make sure you squeeze in some leisure in your working visit! Haha i always do that. Have a great time there bud!

    • OMG, I was in downtown Shibuya two years ago and for the first time at that. The first thing I did was have a picture taken beside Hachiko. I would love to go back to Japan. So far, I’ve only been to Nagoya, Kyoto, Takayama and of course, Tokyo. I miss the onsen, Hotaru! 🙂

  3. Kuyang, may usapan tayo na isasama mo ko dyan, magkasama na tayo sa airport, nalingat lang ako sandali at kinausap yung gwapong guard eh nakalipad na agad ang eroplano mo.
    Literally,iniwan mo ko sa ere, mapapatawad lang kita pag inuwian mo ko ng vietnamese hunk.
    Marami bang hunks dyan, or mas mas marami pa rin sa pasilio ng isetann,recto? hehe
    Kuyang, ano tawag dun sa vehicle nila dyan na tricycle version naman pinas? i remember pinakita pa yun nung MU’2005.
    Enjoy the trip Kuyang, and bring home the hunk!

    • Basil, you are hilarious as always! The tricycle you are referring to is the cyclo.

      And hunks? In Vietnam? I don’t see much. Or maybe I’m in the wrong places all the time. 🙂

      • So I guess, it’s time for you to go to the right places.
        Believe me Kuyang, hugs and carresses of hunks are better anti-agingagents than the botox. Try it Kuyang, or baka naman nagpapaka-demure lang ang Kuyang ko!
        PBB TEENS?

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