6 comments on “Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012 Press Presentation

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  2. the mother of all barangayan pageant can kick some ass though…who knows one of these days it will be transformed and get a major franchise, the miss international?….

  3. Norman — I’m not as quite familiar with this Philippine pageant. So the four winners get to represent the Philippines to these pageants: 1) Asia Pacific; 2) Tourism International; 3) Tourism Queen; and 4) Intercontinental. I’m completely in the dark about these pageants. And isn’t Katrina D. the Tourism titleholder? Or is that a completely different Tourism pageant? And are there runner-ups in the Mutya? Thanks for keeping folks like me posted about Philippine pageants.

    • Katrina’s pageant is Miss Tourism Queen International (China edition), while Mutya has the franchise for Miss Tourism International (Malaysian edition). It can really get confusing at times, but I’ve gotten used to it. Mutya has two runners-up usually.

  4. Season na naman pala ng mga Barangay Pageants, and here is the mother of all barangay beauty contests, Mutya ng Pilipinas!
    Paging Golda!

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