4 comments on “Tereza Chlebovská: a check on this Česká Miss

  1. Definitely, a top5 material. Trump will ensure that his condom supply is full, cause this bombshell from Europe will definitely give Donald a trip to heaven/hell.

  2. wow…i’m a big fan of her..she’s my bet next is south africa….i watched her videos sa youtube and she’s amazing in terms of how she handle her self canfidence from catwalk to her gorgeous gown up to her intellect…boom…

  3. Norman — Excellent point. Last year, two Slavic candidates (Kosovo and Ukraine) were semifinalists and Ukraine came that close to winning MU. In 2010, Slavs, again, did very well — in fact four of them entered as semifinalists (Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and Albania) with Ukraine (again) entering the top five. Same thing in 2009 — Slavic beauties did very well (Czech Republic, Kosovo, Albania and Croatia) with another Slav finishing in top 5 (Kosovo). In fact, the winner that year, Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela, is half-Slav (Ukrainian). So there’s a definite pattern in terms of Slavic candidates doing very well in Trump’s Universe, and I predict this year won’t be any different.

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