8 comments on “To Ordos with Love: Queenie’s Send-Off

  1. BTW Kuyang, natawa naman ako sa mga pic mo na may korona.
    natawa ako in a major major way!
    Kinabog mo si Stefania Fernandez nung 2009.
    Ikaw na!

    Nuod tayo ng MMk sa Saturday, Venus’ life will be featured.

  2. I’m just wondering why MWP pageant was scheduled last June knowing that MW will be in Aug. and the candidates should be in Ordos by 3rd week of July.
    Cory said,that MWP pageant itself is already a full-package training,and a week or two post local pageant training is enough. I beg to disagree with Cory’s judgement, look at what happened to Queenie, everything is a rush!
    If only the winner was given an ample time to train and perfect existing flaws,then a more confident and prepared candidate will be sent.
    I’m not saying that Queenie is less of a beauty queen, but I believe that she should have enough time to train.
    Gwen succeeded last year with just a short time of training,but that does’nt guarantee her successorto to achieve the same fruit given an equal amount training.
    Just a point!
    I hope next year, our representative will have at least 3-4months of preparation.
    I Thank You!
    Muito Obrigata Tondo!

    • I’ve mentioned that before, Basil. The much-delayed holding of the MWP finals added additional pressure to an already stressed winner because of the tight timetable. I’m not sure how much the transfer of network factored in the delay, but it sure did.

  3. TGIF — Yes, there is a resemblance between Queenie and Miss Nepal. Coincidentally, Miss Nepal, who is 5’10” and speaks 5 languages, is one of the Asian front runners this year, along with Hong Kong (a 5’9″ Chinese-American raised in Chicago) and the stunning candidate from India (a perennial favorite of Julia Morley). China, Mongolia and Indonesia are also considered (ahem) “front runners” because of (cough…) political reasons. I have my fingers crossed that Queenie will shine brighter at the “Challenge Events” of the pageant and outrun these candidates.

  4. I wasn’t able to go! I had prior commitments with designers that I will pick-up clothes from them. Ohwell.

    xoxo Bessie

      • As much as I am anxiouslly waiting to see what GOWN is she going to wear for the final night. Both Queennie and Miss Nepal are look-a-like.

  5. Let’s hope the escalating political spat over those isles of the South China Sea between the Philippines and China doesn’t cast a cloud over Queenie in Ordos. Here’s wishing you the best, Queenie!

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