10 comments on “Irene Esser will storm the (Miss) Universe!

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  3. Well, whether she wins or not…. she’s the perfect symbol of the people of Venezuela.

  4. Norman — Yes, Irene Esser AND Bodine Koehler, both Euro-Latinas, are probably two of the candidates to beat in December.

  5. Una vez mas…. Las Venezolanas dando pelea.. What a Stunning Women!..

  6. Puerto Rico’s Bodine Koehler won’t let Irene step on her way.
    Yes, Irene is very much prepared in each aspect and it’s like Miss Universe is written all over her face.
    But, Bodine is the chosen one, she’s simply stunning, with her height and neck’s lenght, no one can beat her.
    I find Irene so Matrony, Donald Trumph will not favor her for that. Look at what happened during 2004, Venezuela’s candidate that year was so prepared and undeniably stunning,but she looks matrony, that caused her to be unplaced.

    Puerto Rico for the win!

  7. czech republic, south africa at venezuela ang bet ko this year…

  8. Wherever the Miss Universe 2012 is going to be held, Irene Sofia Esser Quintero will certainly bring the house down and bedazzle the judges with her classic beauty, elegant style, Hungarian-German features, and regal mien. To use these descriptions would be oversimplification. She is a goddess from head to toe, from the root of her hair to its tip, from her home town of Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar, Venezuela to the universe. She looks like she was born on November 20, 1991 with a crown already enrooted in her head, so that all she had to do was let her reign begin, pronto.

  9. Great contender!!! We’ll see if she can continue the spark during the MU pageant. Still looking forward to our representative, Janine, for a new transformation. I am sure BCPI is doing the best they can for us to have that threepeat 🙂

  10. BPCI, knows well also how can they turn our Bb’s competitive yet naturally enhance by the magic of make up……..Chanel……..love BPCI….mabuhay

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