5 comments on “…and Queenie makes five

  1. Another gift from Julia Morley for the Philippines will be unwrapped on August, and that is the MW crown, a gift to brive Cory to pursue the hosting of MW 2015 here in the Philippines. Also,expect Indonesia to be in the top7, dirty Julia. Fuck her!

  2. agree their is hesitation cause the host country is china,,.. well chinese love cooking show ! gwen is lucky cause her pageant was held in london,,

  3. Norman — Sure, I support Queenierich, but she has big shoes to fill (Gwen’s shoes). Gwen had a few factors in her favor last year — the pageant was held in London (hence, no political baggage to deal with with China), plus the fact that Gwen was the first Miss Philippines World (under CQ) landed her a soft spot with Julia Morley. On top of that, Gwen was among the tallest of the candidates and it’s always rare to see an Asian candidate fluent in French — all these qualities made her stand out which I thought contributed to her winning 1st Princess. I wish Queenie the best, and hope that all her winning qualities shine throughout the pageant.

    • Thanks Glenn. BTW, check out an earlier feature I did for Carla Lizardo. She herself replied on why she wasn’t able to represent the country in Miss Intercontinental 2010. 🙂

  4. It appears that among the five, only Janine is 100% or should I say, pure blooded Filipino. Oh yeah, Kathrina also, but she was raised abroad, & I bet she’s keeping her dual citizenship & so with the rest. Among the five, Janine has the least chance of winning. She just doesn’t have the umpp factor now, much more in the world stage. Sorry, just my thought. An observation from a regular beauty pageant fanatic.

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