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  1. Great batch, it’s so hard to choose.
    All of them are stunning and tall. I’m just disappointed that Mary Ann Ross Misa is just 2nd place, I believe that she aced the Q/A more than what Rehman did.
    Though Rehman is not my bet, I believe that she’s a deserving winner and I will support her.
    Congaratulations to Cory Quirino, great pageant director, good job!

  2. The Miss World 2012 Philippines pageant concluded last Sunday night at the posh Tent City of the historical Manila Hotel. It’s interesting to note that four of my five favorites entered the top 5–Queenierich Rehman (winner), Mary Anne Ross Misa (first princess), Vanessa Claudine Amman (second princess), and April Love Jordan (third princess)–except for Brenna Cassandra Gamboa (fourth princess).

    Rehman looked so regal the whole time, and she reminded me of Miss India Universe 1999 Gul Panag and Miss Asia Pacific 2000 Diya Mirza Handrich (also from India). I wonder if she’s Filipino Indian. When she sat on her throne with the crown on her head, I surmised she’s already carrying some promise as the first Filipina to win the coveted Miss World crown in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia come August 18, 2012. Her only obstacle would be the current political relations between China and the Philippines. We’ll see.

    Misa was lovely and statuesque, but I couldn’t understand why she was made to wear an evening gown that resembled a festival costume–an honest mistake that stole the thunder of her immaculate Filipina features. Had she worn an elegant gown, she might’ve (take note: might have) cinched a victory or clinched the crown, as that would mean that she’s stunning the whole night, and therefore, such consistency could have won the judges’s approval. Her height would serve as her might at the global competition next month. She reminded me of a former Japanese beauty queen, Miss Universe 2006 first runner-up Kurara Chibana.

    Amman stood out from the rest, owing to her exotic features and vibrant personality. She resembled my all-time favorite beauty queen, Lara Dutta, Miss Universe 2000 from India. It’s been eons since the last time I saw her in Cebu–a few days into the pageant, I found a photo of her in my cabinet, taken during her very first fashion show (at Ayala Center Cebu) where I did her makeup. Two celebrities–actor Marvin Agustin and Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 1982 Maria Isabel Lopez who were caught watching in the audience and asked on the spot–admitted to numbering Amman among their favorites respectively. Anyhow, Jordan was beautiful. Had she done better at the question-and-answer portion, she would have made the judges’s job tougher.

    This year’s pageant is a bit of an improvement from 2011, in terms of overall presentation. If a Best in Hosting award were to be given, then it should have gone to Patricia Fernandez: she was beyond spontaneous and unaffectedly witty–and I was quite surprised because that’s the first time I saw her hosting. I concede that she should take the place of one of today’s myriad boring hosts across T.V. stations. To recall, Patricia was crowned as Binibining Pilipinas-International in 2008.

    The stage was too small to accommodate the many beautiful women in our country. The opening video and the production number were such a blast, and I loved them for being festive. But as the show had progressed, its choreography seemed amateurish, to say the least. Nonetheless, I’d like to give a thumbs-up to the organizers, especially Miss World Philippines national director Cory Quirino, for another successful search for our country’s best bet to the Miss World pageant.

  3. Wow..lookin’ good! Another good showing for the Philippines in Miss World! I’ve always said, the Filipina look is not “one-dimensional”, compared to her Asian counterparts. This is why potentially, Miss/BB Philippines/Pilipinas is, or potentially can be the Miss Venezuela of Asia. She can look Malay, Asian, Mestiza or a mixture thereof. It’s all homegrown. A mestiza Miss Japan, Miss Malaysia, Miss Hong Kong or Miss China is not! Kudos Philippines! Now if the country can just embrace all three of her HOMEGROWN components with equality – 1)Asian/Malay geographically and originally ,2) Hispanic influenced religously and culturally and 3) usage of English linguistically, the Philippines will find their true national identity and open other doors using this tri-factor.

  4. iam going to wait for that, also iam looking forward for your prediction for nicole for ms.international 2012, i read a lot of positive feedback, iam happy that the pageant move to japan..where lara bring home the crown,, & because nicole is my bet i will predict she will be the no 5 pinay to crown ms.internatinal. anyway we are 2nd to venenzuela for producing ms.international.. & we are power house of beauty for this.. for our ms.world 2012 i think is time for the philippines to win the crown.. anyway queenie is our strongest contenders i think mrs.morley will give the crown to philippines this time..( wishful thingking) but iam skeptical that mongolia will be the host country.. you know political between china & philippines.. i noticed china is to much favor or their candidate is to much favor to be finalist or to be runners up… cause they are the host country for several years.. in sanya china..!

  5. yeah correct i noticed those.. but the best things about this batch is the candidates theirs a lot of beautiful & young candidates .. i hope they joined other contest especialy bb.pilipinas.. so far iam satisfied to all the winners… good luck to the winner of ms.world philippines 2012,, i hope you will be the first pinay to bring home the crown,, iam also waiting norman for your prediction for Ms.Universe 2012.. & how you will rate the status of Janine tugonon.. cause i check diff site her status is very weak.. even to asian contenders she so weak,, what is your suggestion for her improvement? so far for me ,our ms.earth philippines,ms.international philppines & ms.world philippines for my own point of view are our strongest contenders for international pageantry.. ms.universe philippines 2012 are the weakest,, but i will be happy if janine make it to the finals.. anyway votings system is included ang filipinos are good on that ! ,but janine has many basher & iam skeptical that she can make it to the top 16!,, anyway iam not good in prediction or maybe iam wrong instead she bring home the crown??

    • There is still plenty of time for Miss Universe so I will reserve my predictions for that much later on. As for Janine, she is deep in training right now. I will blog about the improvements needed in a separate title probably in a month or two. 😉

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  8. good job norman you predicted the winner and you got 4 of 5 of the top 5

    • Thanks, Kal. I did bad if you factor in the top 12, though. Good thing 4 of the Top 5 were firm favorites. 😉

  9. Nice!!! Got a feeling she can continue what Gwendolyn Ruais did during the MW 2011. Thumbs up for the new winners!

  10. & i like the gown they wore,, filipina.. atleast not the recycle or pillow case motifs lol,,

  11. clap clap norman..your prediction is correct,, iam so happy with the result,, theirs a lot of beautiful candidates.. i hope all the none winners will join bb.pilipinas. ms.earth next year.. so bb.pilipinas has a lot of choices who they will send to ms.universe 2013.. hamm

  12. Norman — You called it right (again). Among the top 5, the only surprise for me is Vanessa Ammann who came up from behind. I didn’t see the telecast so what do you think gave Vanessa such a high placement considering she’s been under the radar of most pageant watchers?

    • Thanks! Glenn, Vanessa surprised me as well. She’s got the smarts. And her perkiness is contagious. No wonder she won a slew of special awards. 🙂

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