17 comments on “The new and improved Fer Mary Baliquig

  1. She has the face, but the problem is her height. At 5’5″ she will be left unnoticed if she will stand side by side with the towering divas of Europe and Latin America.

  2. A very beautiful lady.. I like the transformation..Go fer! We’ll ptay for you..

  3. i take notice no.15 a mixed beauty but beautiful credentials, very impressive,, only 17 ..

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that she looks short in the first picture?

  5. Si JDV nga ung ngpost na galit na galit dahil daw, pinirata si Fer ng ibang camp..? According to him, Fer was and will always be his alaga. I don’t know what the real story is. Kung sino man ang nasa likod ng transformation nya ngayon, deserves recognition. If the story that Fer went to another camp is true, I understand why.

    • True, especially if the judge is not privileged in scrutinizing the ladies and will only get to know them come pageant night. 🙂

  6. She really has great Filipina features. Sayang di masyadong napansin sa BBP. Kaninong camp siya kuya? Bilib ako sa drive niya to join again, may K naman din kasi 🙂

      • She also left her previous handler John dela Vega following the likes of Janine Tugonon and Luzelle Felipe. Reportedly, she’s now with the group of Gian’s Beauty Royalty.

      • I’m not familiar with Gian’s Beauty Royalty, but the group definitely transformed Fer into an even more beautiful contender.

    • Perfect..! she’s on my top 4….one crown reserved for her…see on final’s night..

  7. Norman — I agree. Fer also looks much better with her hair pulled back. She shouldn’t hide her exquisite cheekbones and her beautiful jaw line. Her face is one of her biggest assets in this competition. I hope she keeps that in mind.

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