6 comments on “Marie Loraine de Guzman: can she surprise on finals night?

  1. Hey Norman! Love your blogposts ALWAYS ! Just verifying tho… were the Talent Winners fast-tracked to the Top 12? From what I know, its Brenna lang for winning the Runway award. I wasn’t there myself at the awarding but friends who were there inform me that only Brenna got fast-tracked…. trying to check now with mwp but tagal ng response…

    • That’s right, Joyce. Only Brenna was fast-tracked, contrary to earlier reports that Ms. Talent will also be seeded. And considering that a tie resulted in the latter, it won’t make a lot of sense to fast-track two ladies for just one award, di ba? 😉

      By the way, thanks for regularly visiting my blog! 😀

  2. didn’t know that queenie is ilocana. from where is she exactly in the north?

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