17 comments on “Grendel Alvarado for Miss Asia Pacific World 2012: Like?

  1. Grendel Alvarado is my winning choice because she will join forces with Riza Santos as they will be co-hosts of “The New Truth or Consequences” on syndication in Orlando, Florida or Atlanta, Georgia because I want to become a game show host of “The New Truth or Consequences” and I want to give her something nice to wear around her neck.

  2. Even if Grendel wins the title of Miss Asia Pacific – World, that will not make a big impact to pageant watchers.
    We all know tht this pageant has a bad reputation being testified by the contestants themselves last year. I won’t join a pageant in which I will be asked to sleep in the floor, damn organizers!

    • sister basilus,

      greetings from bangkok phuket hospital. kasalukuyan akong ni re ready ni dr walananotakul para sa aking grand operation. eto na talaga ang pinakahihintay kong transition. mapapakawalan na na rin sa wakas ang nakabilanggo kong female alter ego. this will set me free. nabasa ko sa itaas na hinding hindi ka sasali sa pageant na itis dahil sa mabalahura nilang reputation. sistere, bilib naman ako sa kumpiansa mo sa yong sarili. ang talong… este ang tanong, imvite ka ba nila? sister biro lang! alam kong byuting byuti ka sabi ng nanay mo. pero eto ang payo ko mga sisters, dito kayo sa bangkok magpaputol. kaloka ang mura at ang ganda ng quality. ang boobs ko 35C. pag uwi ko ng san diego, beach agad malapit sa camp pendleton ang dayo ko at tiyak us marines ang take home ko.

      ang inyung sister,
      mau aba imbiernakish aka nicole verushka schmitz

      • Wow, Mau! Best of luck sa operation. I will pray for it to be super successful! Show us the new you in the near future! 😉

      • Congratulations Mau Aba!
        Pero sister, sayang naman yung pinutol sayo, sana pinalagay mo sa noo mo, pwedeng head dress yan, wagi ka tyak sa National Costume.

    • You’re right, MAPW is one nasty pageant judging by the reports last year. Should I assume the winner gave her bacon, so she could take home the title?

  3. Guys..!…the final result for MAPW is Miss INDIA….and runner up is Miss Mongolia…..No placement si Miss Philippines….sayang super ganda pa naman niya..

  4. kakatalo nya lang po…. kuya remmeber ung sa bbp12, ung sinabi kung candidate na gusto kung makapasok si rizzini gomez, wow she was in mpw siya ang bet ko, what you think of her? feature mo na man siya..

  5. Norman, I’ve always thought Grendel as one elegantly beautiful woman and wish her all the luck in Korea. Why was she not allowed to compete in BbPilipinas?

    • Back then, someone told me that it had something to do with age. I’m not fully certain with this, though.

      • That would be wierd if age was BPCI’s excuse. Miss Universe’s age requirement is that candidates must not be older than 27 in February of the year they compete. Grendel’s only 26.

    • The reason why she was rejected by the BPCI is that during the finals of Philippines’ Next Top Model, she posed topless, which is required in the last challenge of the show, that is a big no no for conservative woman named Stella.
      I remember that her co-finalists also screened for BBP and were also rejected for that same reason

      • Exactly Basil…..She Was Rejected by SMA together with her co-candidate Jen Olivar…They need to go topless in that photoshoot because it was intended for the BREAST CANCER awareness theme..

      • Oh, another beauty wasted due to one of SMA’s moral crusade. What’s wrong with being topless if it’s for breast cancer awareness? SMA is such a troglodyte. She should just send herself back in time to the 1950s and see if her demure gold-digging skills still work.

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