6 comments on “Introducing Maham Ahmed, 17

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  2. Kuya Norms, congrats for the new look of your blogsite, so classy and queenly, eye-friendly and so simple yet captivating.
    Maham Ahmed is really born for a pageant stage, if she did’nt make it this time,for sure a bigger opportunity is waiting for her.
    At the age of 17, she can transform into a giant competitor. A diamond in the pageant field is discovered, and her name is maham!

  3. sexy but all in miss universe i love is shamcey supsup..

  4. Wow! She looks so much better than Ross Misa and Queenie Rehman. If we talk about who is more prepared, perhaps has joined the most number of pageants and did well we have a clear winner by the name of April Jordan. But then again we have judges and we have a huge competition. Whoever will perform stellarly well on stage and looks the most stunning in the eyes of the judges should emerge the eventual winner. Otherwise, we can simply just handpick our winner by mere credentials and no longer stage a pageant nationwide.

  5. She is beautiful. But she needs breast implant… to be perfectly beautiful.

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