17 comments on “Could this be April Love Jordan’s time to shine?

  1. If her public speaking skills are as good as she looks, then she has a chance.

  2. April has got the height,the brain and the beauty,but being mingled with this batch is a big threat for her.
    A runner-up placement might be a possibility but for the MWP title is definitely a No No!

  3. In my humble opinion, Mary Ann Misa is MWP12 winner, 1st princess is April Love, 2nd Princess is Queenirich, 3rd is Rizzini…and 4th Fer…wanna bet?

  4. Both April Love Jordan and Mary Ann Misa are very beautiful. However, Mary Ann Misa is very eloquent and articulate in English.

  5. now, in mwp, “the most prepared candidate” should be one of the criteria for judging… with the credentials and experiences mentioned, i believe april fits to reign as mwp 2012.

  6. From Mutya to Binibini & now, MWP? Oh wait, did she join MPE as well? Bet she is the most prepared given all her previous pageants including the so called international crown she won! I think she did something on her nose, from the last time I saw her, she looked so plain jane to me then. Too much is expected from her, hope she won’t end up like MJ Lastimosa. By the way Norman, if you get to interview her, ask her if she is bringing with her the mosquito net which she claims to be her lucky charm when she competed abroad. :p

    • I think she joined MPE 2006, where Cathy untalan is the Winner….Correct me if im wrong

  7. As far as I know there was no such rule that existed as South Africa for instance sends out its same delegate to Miss Universe first before Miss World. MWO allows it and MWP cannot have a different ruling.

  8. From the looks of it, she does have what it takes to win and make our country proud! I do have my own favorites from the 25 candidates, but she definitely steals the show every time.

  9. as much as she is one of my faves, i thought a national or international titlist can’t join MWP..
    has there been a revision in the rules?

    • I think the organizers treated April’s international competition differently since it was not affiliated with either BPCI or Carousel.

  10. Probably April Jordan is the most prepared to compete as our Miss Philippines in 2012 Miss World given the shortest time available to get set for the world’s largest beauty pageant. Of all those who came from Bb Pilipinas, April appears to be the smartest, the most confident, most pageant seasoned and most stunningly gorgeous. Looks like what she truly needs now is just luck. She has IT.

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