7 comments on “The ladies I’m liking for Miss World Philippines 2012

  1. lahat sila ay may natatanging kagandahan…….but for me i like miss brenna gamboa for the crown….she’s beautiful, tall, and smart lady…

  2. Norman — Of your picks above, I would have to pick Mary Ann Misa. Rounding up my top 4 would be Queenierich Rehman, Paula Bartolome and Fer Baliquig — but not necessarily in that order.

  3. Im quite puzzled why a MTQI winner joins again a local pageant after having been a winner already in an int’l pageant? I think this too risky for her and this also gives MWP a doubt on their standards of regulation…..I love BPCI.

    • yes, April Love has won an intl title but it was a very minor minor contest not the same MTQI participated in by Manjon… i agree however about the MWP regulation on not yet winning an intl or natl title

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