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  1. Well to be honest, last year’s candidate, didn’t have that “look” at least photogenic wise…but was first runner-up…These women are probably much more beautiful in person, which is true in some cases…It’s just the BB Pilipinas pageant has sent drop-dead gorgeous beauties the last three years (including this year’s winner)…Wanted to ask, why isn’t the BB Pilipinas organization crowning Miss World Philippines anymore? Well, maybe it was a good idea to split…Look, first time out, Philippines was crowned first runner-up World…hopefully it will be two in a row…Good luck ladies!

    • Julia Morley wanted the local franchise of MW to be on its own and not part of a 4-in-1 national pageant, hence, the split from BPCI. She also wants to push the charity projects of MW more exclusively.

      • Well…besting a 1st runner-up in it’s first outing, I think it was a good idea, don’t you? Miss Universe and Miss World are two equally prestigious pageant organizations with two totally different philosophies…Having a 4-in-1 concept always keeps people wondering who the actual winner of the national pageant really is..the Miss Universe rep or the Miss World rep. It’s almost logical to say that the Miss International or Miss Earth reps would not be…oh well…BTW Donald Trumps handling of the Miss Universe Pagaent keeps diminishing yearly and is becoming so one dimensional…where Miss World may start gaining more popularity because of their emphasis to charity projects as well as crowning a winner based on an overall balance of physical beauty, talent, athleticism, charisma and intelligence…

      • Agree, NaUh. And haven’t you noticed how Miss World is putting less and less focus on swimsuits? The finals last year never required the candidates to wear one during the telecast and only short clips of the Beach Beauty fast-track was shown. Or it could also be due to the fact that it was held in chilly London. At any rate, I see both MU and MW as prestigious, with the former just upping the ante on glam and controversy.

  2. Maham has the potential, though I think she needs more of experience and training and a more toned body. Let’s give her another year.

  3. Overwhelming as Ms. World 2012 as it may seem, April Love Jordan has come prepared for the International stint if she wins MWP.

  4. To quote: “At this point, MWP needs a completely and instantly ready winner.” I agree with you on that Norman. And at this point, April Love Jordan does have the looks, the smarts (consistent Dean’s lister), the height (5’9″), the body, and the experience both locally and internationally. She does have the edge that MWP needs right now. She’s a stand out, and from what I’ve heard, she has been preparing for MWP for 2 years now. So that 3 weeks will just be a walk in the park for her if she wins.

  5. i notice maham height & beauty.. anyway luck of time for preparation,, i think queenierich is the best to send as our ms.world 2012..

  6. Cory Quirino is so overwhelmed by the victory of Gwen last year, she’s so blinded to believe that a 3-week training is enough.
    But now, that the MWP is under the ownership of Manny Pangilinan, a pageant fanatic himself and a closet gay queen, a bid to host the 2015 edition of MW might be a consideration for Julia Morley to offer a gift to the Philippines,another MW placement this year.

  7. Norman — Has MWP released the candidates’ vital statistics? Can’t find it anywhere.

  8. Norman — I see Maham Ahmed is causing quite a stir. I, too, noticed her instantly in the prelim photos above. She is exotic, stunning and tall. But I didn’t realize she was that young (only 17). And I agree with you. It might just be too soon to send her to Miss World this July — which only gives her roughly three weeks to prepare. That is barely enough time even for a seasoned candidate, and I certainly would not want to see her “wasted” by sending her to an international pageant too early. I also certainly hope she is being groomed, and that her joining this year’s MWP is intended only as a training ground of sorts to prepare her for next year. And while I’m at it — why doesn’t Cory Quirino schedule the pageant earlier in the year? I mean, having the national pageant a month before the Miss World pageant is just absurd, don’t you think?

    • I really dislike rushed pageants. I know that there must be valid reasons behind the delay. Nonetheless, a good back-up plan should have been in place. After all, this year’s winner is expected to sustain the momentum of Gwen’s excellent placement last year.

      • Norman — Yes. It would be a pity if Gwen’s momentum isn’t sustained because this year’s pageant was rushed. MWP’s national search should have started a lot earlier (like October or November of last year).

  9. Yeah. She looks very tall. Aura of Minorka Mercado and Venus Raj combined.

  10. Maham Ahmed of San Carlos City, Pangasinan for the win! She’s authentically beautiful… and she looks taller from other candidates.

  11. You have a point but age should never limit us from choosing the best Philippine representative to Miss World. So far from what I have seen, Maham is very elegant and stunning while Nicole Marable (in BB 2012) to compare was obviously too raw looking to the point of not looking poised at all. I heard Maham’s handler is Rodgil Flores known for molding candidates to be ultra poised amd competitive like the many Venezuelan national pageant delegates.

    • Carl, it takes more than just youth, a stunning face and a nice body to become a successful Miss World representative. Being a Psychology practitioner, I am giving extra emphasis on the mental preparedness of a candidate should she find herself in the midst of more than 100 ultra-competitive ladies from around the globe. Miss World is a completely different ballgame. And knowing that its pre-pageant activities in Shenzhen and Hongkong will be starting middle of next month ( and we don’t even have a national winner yet), time is ticking fast. And I mean fast. MWP will be crowned June 24, and she will have just around 3 weeks to actually prepare for MW. That’s going to be tough. Maham may be stunningly beautiful, but I’m afraid she will be heavily overwhelmed should she end up winning. In all of these, I’m disappointed that it took MWP this long to finalize everything. Ms. Quirino knew as early as 4th quarter of 2011 that MW will be held earlier this year (blame it on the Olympics which likewise prompted MU to move their finals for December). As a result, the winner is going to be rushed for such a big international pageant. As the saying goes, haste makes waste.

      • Norman — Yes, the mental preparedness of the Philippine candidate to Miss World is critical — especially since the pageant is just a mere month away. The Philippines needs to pick an intelligent, physically stunning and very articulate candidate who can hit the ground running. Maryanne Misa comes to mind.

      • Yup! I concur with mental preparedness. We have seen so many of such. Stunning national winners turned out to be too lame or looking too scared in their international pageants. Such a waste of chances, indeed. For us pageant spectators, that would be a total dismay.

  12. Gwen Ruias discovered Maham Ahmed from Pangasinan is strikingly gorgeous, fresh and young at 17. Wish to see more of her.

    • Maham is a beauty, but at 17, she is still very young for a win. She should just enjoy the experience and join other tilts in the future. Pag pinadala sa Miss World yan, lalamunin nang buhay ng kalaban. I checked out her FB page. Neneng-nene talaga. She’s like the Nicole Marable of MWP2012.

      • if for instance maham is joining miss universe philippines at her age 17, will you be having the same opinion kuya norman? 🙂

      • I believe 18 is the minimum age for MU. And it all depends on many factors. I still need to discover her potentials beyond what we can see so far. Don’t get me wrong, keen. I like the girl. More polishing will do wonders for her. Knowing how MWP has been rushing things these past few months, I doubt if proper training has been ‘significantly’ given to the first-timers. If you can see the MW delegates of most other countries, they’ve been at it for almost a year now. And if Gwen (or Rodgil) takes Maham under her wings, she may be able to help the young girl shine more for other pageants to come. At this point, MWP needs a completely and instantly ready winner. It could be Brenna or April Love or Maryanne or Queenie or Carla. The important thing is that the physical, mental and emotional disposition is up and about by mid-July when she leaves for China.

    • From the photos posted on here, she’s the one that caught my attention. I am not a big fan of Gwen; and I still doubt her placing in Miss World last year. (LOL); But she’s got a good eye for beauty.

      • depends on what the judges were looking for at that time Gwen was our representative…they were very pleased with her

  13. no.20, kaye michelle agnes is so beautiful.. iba talaga ang ganda ng Bicolana.. =)

  14. Maryanne Ross Misa reminds me of Kurara Chibana of Japan (Miss Universe 2006 – 1st runner-up), oriental beauty and so fresh. She’s ready for the MW, pack your bag! While Queenierich Rehman reminds me of Maryanne Umali, a clapper.
    So between the two, I have high hopes for Misa.

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